believe that the webmaster every day most go place will be the major forum, but the forum can have individual signature, can leave a link is not much, some forum management is very strict, we add the chain today, tomorrow night included, has been deleted, some serer find a more stable. The chain forum, began his web site insatiably avaricious cover in a corner, it is easy to be administrator to determine the AD, will take you a long time to delete all posts.

chain is deleted by the website:

, Shanghai,



if your site is deleted in a month outside the chain relatively large proportion, then the relative key of your website is affected considerably, was ranked the first page, there may be a drop.



often see in the forum, increase the channels and methods of the chain blog, some Shanghai dragon promotion specialist like grab honey, crazy hair card, write an article, increase the site outside the chain, less then one day dozens, hundreds of many words, we all know that the chain is survival. Outside the chain of more than three months of survival in general is a high quality outside the chain, so we are able to survive? "Water can carry a boat, can also capsize, after the chain is included, the site has been good, if the chain is deleted, the site will be punished this is, no doubt, then you need to add a new chain to make up, if you get 1 points for the website to add a chain, so if the chain is included removed, will lose 2 points to the last, He Xin Hard work, did not improve your weight, but it affects your weight, then our work and what meaning? So you Shanghai dragon e, if you don’t want to chain once annihilated, it is best to find some stable chain channels to the construction of the chain, so that it will not be affected, below and share our common work where the chain is easy to be removed and punished?

, a keyword ranking influential

Post Bar know loveWe all know that


is easy to delete the chain channels

love Shanghai to give their products the weight is very high, like Shanghai know, love love Shanghai Post Bar, Shanghai library and so on, if the chain in it can obtain very high weight, but also attract a lot of traffic. But at present in sea trial force relatively strict, it is difficult to add links, of course, if passed that is the best, but the recent observation that love Shanghai Post Bar, know adding links, will soon be included, but not for a few minutes to refresh, and no, it will cause the great influence to the website, can not add links, began to feel free to add a site outside the chain, and fly ash finally removed the smoke, too late to cry. So we know to love Shanghai, Post Bar with the chain still caution is good.