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three, long-term operation of

two, the content of precision

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website will be completed in 32 months, is a long-term thing, a short period of time there is no way to make a website has much benefit, made friends flow is clear, early is a very difficult to do, "

website has several years experience. Orders from the station, from the station to the promotion, involved in the industry is also beyond count from experience, many hardships, such as site is the popularity of the customers, and optimize the customer station has no effect, the site has been K, but also have a happy time, such as keyword optimization, received the customer’s money, boss encouragement, information processing. The whole station is not easy, people think Shanghai dragon is a very interesting thing, for a little more than the establishment of fresh stuff, but we must grasp the details of the site optimization, from the optimization of network experience, owners must each process plan website, here to talk about their own in the eyes of the website optimization promotion of three elements.

is the positioning of the site for their own website has a clear understanding, know their site is a what kind of website, can provide what kind of product for the user, what kind of service, for the content we have to go around the building, although many small businesses did not stand what content to write, but it can not be too casual to construct content, such as doing with the website not related with business, not related to the content inside, this will only make the website to spread the weight, and is not conducive to the user’s reading, their love content did not find out, the user is required, the content of a website it is very important for the search engine and users, such as a Shanghai website construction, website optimization company, the first thing to do is to their own city related keywords, users feel this As insurance, the conversion rate is relatively high.

The contents of the

is suitable for what type of website, do not blindly follow others, today people say Taobao money off, Taobao also guest website, tomorrow others said the local portal site rich way, and make up the portal station. Do something too much too complex for the webmaster but a benefit without harm, to conscientiously do a good job of a website is stronger than what. For the positioning of the site think to ask yourself why, what, how to do, for example, what is the market positioning website, want to do what kind of products, on the web user group is what people, what to make money website (by selling advertising, selling products or services sold?) and so on. The other is to combine their own advantages to do the best love to engage in their own industry website, interested can let people have the power, do you love yourself standing confident this is very important.

precision is to consider user experience, build a website from the user’s point of view, to an important role for the optimization and the early development of the website.