3. website optimization

in addition, the construction of the external links more reasonable to attract spiders to crawl your site, and the weight of the high site tilisoft. The amount of the increase of the website chain and the site within the chain, internal and external integration, not only can increase the amount collected, but also make these pages get better rankings.

1. provide a lot of original works

? The internal structure and the chain

2. find search engine habits, take

included rate is the ratio of a web site included page number and page of the site itself in the search engine, more content and quality of response of a web site and search engine friendly. So, in the thousands of Internet sites, how to be a search engine that is included in the eye, and the rapid rate of effective improve the site’s

like people, search engines also love new things. If your website published an article has been reproduced in many websites, so the search engine will consider whether or not included, even if included, the weight of your site without much help. So, you have to release some of the original works, because the one and only, so the search engines will be included very happy, and give you a good ranking, thus increasing the weight of your site. Even if they don’t release the pure original, pseudo original can also, as long as it can be different.

website structure reasonable, consider from the user’s point of view, so that the user can browse the site convenient access to information. More importantly, good website structure can make the search engine grab web content more convenient, get the link. At this point you can see the website structure material commune, is said to be light home design changes many times. In addition, the commune material are also key words worthy of reference, this is also the reason why it can be in a short period of time on the line but can get high traffic.

search engine included your site through search engine spiders to crawl and crawl. You want to get the favor of "spider", should match up, fully understand the rules and his habit of the spider crawling on your web site, the spider know what column take you love climbing site, where is the longest stay, so you can effectively release. In addition, the update time quantitative keep the original content of the site, not three days of fishing, two days".