Here I would like to ask Recalling the past

June 20th Ningbo Fenghua a just to get a driver’s license in less than a month, the driver will not be back into the garage, sandwiched between the car and the wall husband died on the spot. She will head out of the car, also sandwiched between the car and the wall of death. Let us for the couple of silence, also as an Internet worker, this makes me think of now flooding the forum outside the chain, this is not a good omen?

actually love Shanghai as early as last year, has made it clear that to reduce the weight of the chain of the forum, this year included the scope of official forum A5 cheating, quickly make a wise move, the abolition of all A5 forum signature. For a moment, many members complain incessantly, because all the chain he did all the forum outside the chain, most are in the A5 forum.

believe that many webmaster will never forget the first registered members of the A5, is nothing more than the band forum signature, do some forum outside the chain. April 25th love Shanghai Webmaster Platform Lee released "on the chain of judgment", which clearly pointed out that the BBS signature, belonging to the cheating text as follows, large-scale increase in the chain: Web2.0 group (BBS, obviously cheating signature, assessment of ID hanging links, false really recommend promotion, other acts of mass), Links station group, deliberate exchange chain wheel.

A5 now on forum link

webmaster common progress!This article from the Chinese goods

for now rampant replies in this link, I hope you forced webmaster friends, it is time to close the hand, make no mistake, don’t miss the forum outside the chain, or like reversing events to the last suicide attempt, the high quality of the chain! The author QQ:465145377, willing to communicate with each other, and the

A5 member forum signature

nice home water machine: 贵族宝贝hpnsjs贵族宝贝 original, A5 starts, all rights reserved, should assume, please indicate the

A5 cancel the signature links, there are two benefits, one with love Shanghai, forum environment purification, server to reduce the load on the other hand, the more prominent is the first point.

After the In fact,

A5 forum signature cancel, this forum will really think of environmental purification, who knows there is more crazy replies for this link, the author also repeatedly to reflect the webmaster, but still repeated.

, thank you!

replies with a link to the webmaster friends, you know what to do in the forum? Weight link down, basically played the role of very little, now the signature cancelled, you have to reply with a crazy link, not only, more is to occupy the full screen.