yes, in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, must pay attention to some details of the work, this is an important measure to show the optimization ability of the Shanghai dragon. But the details of the control can produce better results, it also need from the strategic level to control, otherwise these details are just the details of it, is not able to bring a qualitative change for Shanghai Longfeng optimization work.

Website Optimization Website usually accompanies the whole life cycle, so the website optimization Shanghai dragon is not able to simple attention to relevant skills, but to think from a strategic point of view, the outline of the button so that it can guide the Shanghai dragon optimization work, and can let Shanghai dragon do optimization effort, also can let oneself to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization work done well, targeted.

if you want to make a web site development, you need to choose white hat optimization, that is to say, need to be strictly in accordance with the search engine optimization guide tips to work. Let the optimization work transparent, their nature, so that the time to become a leader in your website optimization, on the premise of long-term unremitting efforts, continue to do a good job of service users, can effectively improve the optimization effect. So to clear this white hat optimization from the strategy, so that they find the optimization direction.

second, plan long-term unremitting. Have been identified since the white hat optimization strategy, then the need for formulation of the second strategies, that is the combination of search engine optimization guidelines to develop a long-term work plan, and work in the daily plan will be clearly defined, but in the clear after these work plan, also need to ensure that the work plan can be completed on time if not, can be completed, also need to develop appropriate remedial measures, in the subsequent days of work, it will gradually recover. Through this kind of persistence, can make the optimization of the site work continue to do everything in good order and well arranged search engine, a positive impact, which not only can make the website ranking rise, but also can ensure the stability of the website ranking.

third, customer service oriented. Although we do is Shanghai Longfeng optimization work, but can not abandon the optimization in the right direction, that is to provide good service to customers. Real.

first, black hat and white hat choice. Then the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, choose black or white hat cap optimization, optimization, often is a decision. And the reason why this happens, because from a strategic height to think. Generally speaking, the black hat method can make the speed of Shanghai Longfeng optimization has been significantly improved, but also will face great risks, especially in the intelligent search engine and improve the level of today, black hat optimization of the final results will become not optimized, but even so, nor had those speculative webmaster heart.

so how to control the strategy of Shanghai Longfeng optimization? The author thinks that, at least from the following aspects to control.