first, the correct attitude, cheating is not desirable.

third, some conventional promotion methods are also essential.

fly basin financial network, see the name is to finance and investment aspects of the site. In the content of the website, because I itself is a stock for many years experience of old people, so often take some lessons as their own dry cargo to share out. I do not underestimate this non financial expert dry cargo share, it more often than some of the so-called financial experts are more straightforward, also attract users.

network promotion methods, such as soft Wen ah, the chain, the chain construction Links ah, ah, there are a lot of online tutorials, you can see, I also don’t say. The method I have done more or less, also attract a lot of visitors.

so it is the right mentality, not to brush ranking.

sometimes see others rankings so high, really heart itch, especially to see the Internet everywhere brush Alexa visible ranking service, sometimes really want to brush.

started the construction of the website, I really find a lot of information, summarize a lot of experience. In the forum framework, I summed up the analysis of the post construction planning forum, the forum determined not to do too much too.

PageRank, with the noble baby love Shanghai snapshot, the search engine included quantity, included is speed of index weight, the weight of Alexa site ranking has declined, but it is Alexa is currently the most authoritative third party website traffic / visibility index, one on the website ranking, one of the most important the reference is website construction quality.

but think carefully, will understand. When the website is done for people, if find a few robots to brush ranking, not to spend money, but also no point, Alexa ranking is brush high don’t bring you what good robot is not real robot IP/PV in addition to visitors, no waste of resources outside the server has no meaning.

second, attention to website construction, rely on quality to attract visitors.

especially QQ group promotion, I feel very useful. Due to my own before the establishment of the website, it is an old shareholders, also added a lot of stock QQ group, and also accumulated a lot of resources in the group, such as network ah, right ah, someone you trust your face ah, ah, and so on, when the Finance > I

The conventional

I once said, I did not such a big background, no good resources, no money to burn small owners, what is in a period of three months, do not rely on the brush flow, without cheating, depends entirely on the content of the site itself construction to attract users, to fly the Basin Financial Network, 贵族宝贝feipen贵族宝贝 and do Alexa ranking in 30W.