Several methods of mining long tail keywords:

(3) analysis of peer website keywords: can find some good their own long tail keywords missing.

long tail keywords single flow may not be high, but a lot of the long tail word effect may not be lower than the main keywords. The webmaster friends should take advantage of this resource Oh, can bring huge benefits to your website. The source of Dong’ou valve network 贵族宝贝dopv.>

around the "lose weight" the keywords, extension [[], show how to lose weight diet, diet products, slimming tea, slimming food] [], [] diet main keywords, to further expand the thinking can dig out the dancing blanket, [], [], leg lift [], [slimming cream snow bubble thin] flow very large keywords, creates the corresponding column or in special sites. Finally with the help of love Shanghai or Google keyword recommended tools, do the depth of excavation, such as "how to lose weight" long tail keywords.

site, called the long tail keywords. First of all, the customer to search long tail keywords are stronger, and into the website customer than the target keywords much higher probability. Second, the long tail keywords bring traffic although relatively small, but it exists in a wide range of web content, bringing the total capacity is very large. I have a website for slimming products had a system of the long tail keyword promotion, edit each article will be integrated into the long tail keywords page, "most of them can be routed to the search engine good position. Many articles page every day can bring the fixed flow.

The Keywords non target

(2) major Q & a platform: love Shanghai know search your own website keywords, can tap into more long tail word, these words have the real value. There are 8080 similar platform, ask Iask, Tianya answer and so on.

For example,

(1) the use of search engine keyword query and analysis tools:

collection [lactation], [how to lose weight with what method can reduce weight, muscle fat how to lose weight, 1 month weight loss of 3 kg o, [method] how to lose weight fast and effective] we think, but users will search keywords. Enter the 1 words can be dug up to 300 long tail keywords. E x C is derived and incorporated into the e l table, a total of more than 10 thousand long tail keywords mining.

also found a site Dong’ou valve industry valve network, it has a long tail keywords do a very good time, you can go to the next. Well, let us look at, how can the depth excavation of long tail keywords.