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server opens slowly, even some servers often not open server, often wrong, when love Shanghai spider to grab the page, can not grab, appear this kind of circumstance, will cause the website keywords ranking drop. Solution: to ensure that the web server can be opened normally, of course, more quickly, basically a month can restore the keyword ranking.

from the beginning of the end of June, the love of Shanghai made two major adjustments, and web sites, many sites are love Shanghai drop right processing, a relatively large impact on the webmaster friends, according to the analysis, Shanghai love on the web is just a mistake, most website content quality is not high, cause net station cheating is love Shanghai punishment, resulting in keywords ranking drop, or even disappear. However, love Shanghai two big adjustments, a large part of the site, especially in the more competitive keywords, keywords ranking fluctuation is severe, sometimes one day change in rank one morning a ranking, a ranking of the afternoon, some day evening ranking, a ranking, why in this case, the cause of the fluctuation of Shanghai ranked love what? I mainly talk about the topic today.

recently love Shanghai, mainly for the content of the website quality, website of low quality, by reducing the power, some even directly delete the database, if your site is low quality sites, even if the two update is not processed, then there may be a >

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site outside the chain caused by

with two big adjustments to love Shanghai, change foreign chain requirements, to the quality of the chain type development, that is to say, the chain number is not much, as long as the chain of high quality, you can have a good ranking. After the love Shanghai big adjustment, we found many websites, the chain is very small, and almost no chain, also has a very good ranking. Solution: to the quality of the chain direction, the chain Ningkuimoujian website optimization, to ensure the high quality of the chain.

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we do website optimization, website operation, website can hardly be avoided, such as the website optimization Website optimization, website structure adjustment, the purpose is to improve the user experience, let the website structure more reasonable. However, Shanghai is a spider love program, to improve the quality of the website can be found immediately after the opposite website, to carry out a study on site quality inspection site is increased or decreased, so love in Shanghai study database, keyword ranking dropped substantially, usually in less than 100, not more than 100, investigation time in a week to two weeks. Solution: as long as the revision of improve the quality of Web site, do not be too concerned about decline of keywords ranking, ensure the update of original content, basically a week later in recovery.

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4, the content of the website is not high quality