search results page third: 100%

search results page sixth: 50%

the above content is helpful for Shanghai dragon Er, in Shanghai love their products occupy a variety of keywords home today.

search results page seventh: 50%

search results page first: 100%

visit data according to the Internet survey report shows that in about 78% of the surveyed site traffic through the search engine users to find the information they need by the flow. So every Shanghai dragon Er, must clearly understand the user of the site in the search results ranking of the attention, the following data is Shanghai dragon er must know the user data, natural ranking of the search results page attention as follows.

search results page ninth: 30%

search results page second: 100%

usually, users of the top 10 websites most attention. If we can keep the web search results in the top 3, undoubtedly the website of the attention will be very high, if such a ranking, the site’s future is immeasurable.

must be the top three ranking in the strategic position, if you have three stations in the top three, then this keyword can also be said by you with 300% stations on the concept of attention to this.

search results page fifth: 60%

search results page tenth: 20%

search results page fourth: 85%

search results page eighth: 30%

know the natural ranking of the degree of concern, we love Shanghai because of the specific circumstances, Shanghai love their own products, leading some keywords natural ranking has been pushed up to love, Shanghai auction ranked 10, if you have more than 5 keywords in the sea extension, traffic may be reduced by 50% based on above, the income of some CPS sites, you must first consider the problems, such as the Taobao customer if there are 5 to 10 love extension in Shanghai, suggest that you do not do, because the love of Shanghai to promote the transformation of those web pages for the high rate, there is little chance left for us. If some information portal site Never mind, because this kind of site is the long-term planning, is taking the brand line, depending on the content and accumulation of users, but to promote the role of love Shanghai bidding for us, personal feeling of bidding site will guide this kind of site advertising promotion.