is in the middle of the day: love Shanghai snapshot into the March 2, 2009, the day is also the site set up, but soon returned in the evening in May 8th that Shanghai would love a snapshot, to continuously adjust and right down to this kind of site.

ranking has not changed, more keywords remain in the original position, which makes me much less worry, love Shanghai in the process of adjusting the ranking more cautious, included and the snapshot will act quickly.

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three: the ranking of

I site information: the establishment of more than a year, higher in the weight of keywords related, are ranked in the forefront, is the old station, love Shanghai update snapshot, the general release is included at the time. In the station there have been many changes during IP, and recorded as follows.

A special attention should be paid to the phenomenon of

since May 10th, my site was cancelled due to the domain name BEIAN, in the process to move overseas to the server site was closed for two weeks. During this process, I once hung up, take off the beloved Shanghai search engine to the site to make irreparable punishment, 24 days when the site was finally moved completed and returned to normal, I also passed in this period of time the daily observation records, the events are summarized, analysis of the site closed in love Shanghai’s performance, for you reference.

snapshot from the site record number was canceled the day off because I will stop the update, the site has been the snapshot, so the 10 day I love Shanghai station stop snapshot update after stay in May 8th, there has been no change. Because it is a domain name for the record was canceled, the domain name will stop parsing, but I cannot access other analytical good but the site is updated snapshot, that domain name once stop parsing, love Shanghai will soon stop the snapshot update, reflect very quickly, but good analytical was temporarily unable to access the site, will continue to fall in love with the sea update.


included in the site closed after continued to decline, the page is K out hundreds of pages, for a total collection of only more than 1500 pages of the site, be K off hundreds of pages is not the loss, a special phenomenon should be paid attention to is in the middle of the day, K is the only home, I once thought despair. The site is from Shanghai out of love, but in second days again included, but K has lost hundreds of pages. The site also shows that the instability of love Shanghai will continue to adjust and down right in the process.

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two: a collection of

site has 3 days of recovery, but love in Shanghai daily record is 0, the snapshot has not changed, I will also be through continuous observation, especially the weekly update, to see whether there will be other changes. There is lots of time to cancel the record number, a large number of sites were forced to close, IP are changing, so it can be moved to the site on the