1. love Shanghai data open platform. Why is the first love of Shanghai, because I first joined the Shanghai best is love, is love Shanghai. Love Shanghai open data platform to join the address: open.baidu贵族宝贝.

! Open platform

the latest Internet speculation in the hottest too open, now basically Internet giants have their own open platform. The search engine is the same, are out of their own open mode and standard. This paper introduce several mainstream product search (search engine based on a model of e-commerce open). The author is engaged in website promotion in an e-commerce site, since the shopping search, the boss asked us to join the search engine of the goods included! So he went to a lot of information. The following is a detailed analysis of the 5 open the current mainstream search engines, shopping search, and share the advantages and disadvantages of several shopping search

2. amoy. Ma Yun has a dream of doing the search, he is always trying to search, Amoy is Ma Yun promotion price, some time ago, Ma Yun invested 1 billion focus on the development of a Amoy, Amoy or so promising. Amoy opening address: open.etao贵族宝贝.

3. Google shopping search. Google also has its own purchase.

joined the methods and steps of Amoy open search and love Shanghai, need to submit the audit data, audit data submitted in the end after the commodity data. Amoy commodity data is the FEED file, also need to strictly in accordance with the standard to write a amoy. A cat has a full amount of incremental update and update in the background, you can understand it. If for the sake of convenience, can also develop an automatic generation program, can be downloaded to the Internet template! A scouring of the overall effect is pretty good, the general has been very targeted


this is love Shanghai data open platform page screenshot. You need to register an account login, then click on the I want to join. Then there will be love Shanghai data open platform background, according to the background provided by the open document, write XML file (need to strictly in accordance with the requirements of Shanghai love to write), then submit the data resources, wait for the audit, there needs to be said under the premise, you can submit the data resources audit, must apply to join the open data platform, only need to fill in the information, waiting for the audit on the line! There is a special commodity, if you much, looking for a small program to automatically generate the XML file of the commodity programmers, so the maintenance will be very convenient. According to the audit time efficiency of Shanghai love to be, not a fixed time. Through the audit, in Shanghai can search commodity display priority! Love Shanghai commodity search effect is also very good, the earlier site pre accession, loved hireign for high-quality businesses, every day can bring fixed IP nearly 5000, now removed high-quality businesses, the effect is less than before!