two: website home page by K

for this site, Shanghai dragon group A5 marketing advice is to rapidly arrange its Shanghai team to carry out a dragon on site examination, because the present situation is likely to be a start, if not timely treatment, so the site situation is likely to be intensified, if in the rectification the start of the week: the index continued to improve the green (congratulations, through the website).



after Webmaster Platform understand that this problem is caused by Shanghai’s own love, has nothing to do with the site. Is in fact so? We have to believe that every new rules before, must have a lot of sites are affected. For this time the index plummeted, we can only be considered a joke in the sea of it, anyway, did not affect the flow.

look at my "red"


The reason why

said: We observed some website home page by K after second days, or third days have been restored, in this process, if the site has made the revision adjustment, is likely to lead to recovery! In addition: the home page is K is divided into regional nature, what you see is K out, is not really to be K out, recently we have to view this phenomenon.

if a story above is love Shanghai joke, then 5.1 after the holiday "home page K"? Believe that this website is definitely unusual! Many webmasters are rather baffling said: I did not do what the website homepage! How will be the site for A5 K? Shanghai Longfeng manager He Guijiang suggested that in the short term is: don’t make any changes to the website to wait.

first, the webmaster is also love Shanghai to open a joke with

in a recent storm, love Shanghai to our continuous open 2 joke, but behind this? Are some websites really completely destroyed! The comprehensive view of the current situation: this website belongs to normal ranking drop right, is not directly associated with the so-called love Shanghai.


three: really fell

in late April, do not know whether your site index tumbled cliff

: a cliff collapse index

The When the

Wei Zexi Shanghai to push to the circle of friends, micro-blog in the teeth of the storm, more is the brush to burst table, some people say: do natural ranking website this need to rise up! In fact so? The truth is the recent website ranking significantly abnormal, page snapshot disappeared, included the decline in the rankings plummeted, meet the eye everywhere! Your website is still normal? If there is abnormal situation, I believe this article below, will let you feel relieved.