two, title, keywords and description.

in a page, the title is in addition to content is the most important element, the search engine according to the title to judge this page is what content, then give relevant keywords ranking. For this reason, many webmaster stack keywords in order to get a keyword ranking, or the title, keywords, description of the contents of it, these methods can be caused by factors not friendly to the search engine. The title of the website is written very good, the best is simple, and can not accumulate, including the need for keywords, look not specially for the Shanghai dragon hatched, nature is really. For example: "Taobao return >

your web site keywords ranking is stagnating? But can not find what causes. Today I lists the main factors that affect keyword ranking stagnation, please. The solution is also included, I hope this paper can help the webmaster related problems encountered.


, a copy or collection content.

collection is now a common phenomenon, which is a major cause of ranking. Some sites because of the lack of content and wantonly copy or collection content, just on the line of the railway station is the most serious, articles or pictures on the first day of the collection of tens of thousands of. Especially new sites, I do not recommend the use of content acquisition, because the station does not have any weight, the content of the collection will not be included and it has no meaning, to the search engine creates a friendly impression, Shanghai is not a love for the new assessment period? So in this period of time the best honest point, try to release some of the original the content, there are many websites launched one or two months home have not been included for this reason. In order to increase the collection, there are a lot of pseudo original content, this is actually a foolish. The search engine had solved the problem, whether you are he can be identified using synonyms conversion or disrupt the paragraph, the search engine than we had expected much wisdom. If the whole article is false original out, that I look at the fundamental study barrier, many so-called pseudo original articles, it is not suitable for human reading, this is a huge blow to a website experience, this website will only waste the strategy. If you are an old station have very good weight and want to increase your, you can choose the original acquisition and mixed approach, as for what proportion of the most appropriate and I can make nothing of it. A similar search engine is how to determine exactly which is the original one! Look at this piece of content to see where the first search engine; two is the domain of the high degree of trust is not high; the three is the point to which article link most; four is whether there is a link back to copy the contents of the original source; five is to look at the site of PR or the level of weight. The weight of the website and domain name credibility is included in focus, which is why Sina reproduced a content from other sites will be in the front row, but because the original content in the back row. So, it is best not to collect, the weight up and then use the original collection method and mixed, otherwise will hinder the progress of the keyword ranking.