unreasonable impact on site

1, to a certain extent improve the user experience of

website optimization is divided into external factors and internal factors, external factors include external anchor text and text construction and Links exchange, including internal factors and the construction of the station anchor text and quality of the quality. For the internal factors, the webmaster seems to pay more attention to the "content is king, the chain for emperor" the two classical theory, however, the construction of the station anchor text is one of the important factors of achievement website quality. So today I will share their experiences, this is where I encountered the problem.

Shanghai dragon is a double-edged sword, this sentence is very classic. The construction of station anchor text can not be separated from this category of Shanghai dragon well. Unreasonable stand inside the anchor text will often make website reduce weight, keyword ranking dropped, causing the site to flow down. The station anchor text unreasonable tend to add the station anchor text in the wild, leading to excessive website optimization, search engine that is cheating. The website is one example. After a bold conjecture on the website of the anchor text do further optimization.

station anchor text

The importance of

2, is conducive to improving the included and website weight

and love Shanghai right down from the noble Baby K station to the site by the nobility and love Shanghai baby reincluding weight gradually recovered enough to see the importance of reasonable construction of station anchor text site optimization.

The station anchor text

how to reasonable construction station anchor text

said that, as a webmaster we should how to reasonable construction station anchor text? The author thinks that the station anchor text it is reasonable to occur naturally, should be highly correlated with the content of the article. Do you have a weight loss website "computer" this word is pointing to a >

to search engine, one of the anchor text is the role of a guiding role. Reasonable distribution of station anchor text, will make the search engine spiders more rapid crawling web directory, this is all different approaches but equally satisfactory results and we often say breadcrumb navigation, which is a manifestation of search engine friendly. On the other hand, reasonable in the station to anchor text will make the engine more accurate understanding of the content of the articles to describe information, so that the long tail keywords rankings, increase website weight.

when users browse a page, the content to the user is not very useful, this time the anchor text has played a leading role, through the anchor text, users tend to be faster and more accurate to find the information they need. Do not so to the website of the anchor text site, when the user does not find the things they need, their common action is to close the page, it also proved from the reverse side station anchor text for the role of the user experience.