love Shanghai, "chain" is really hot ah

however, the human society recognized "duty" as a recommended behavior, but not equal to unconditionally approved all the "duty" behavior value — on the contrary, any "duty" behavior value only get more recognition, its value is meaningful.

and other search engines love Shanghai escalating chain algorithm, chain combat cheating, but it still can not change the second generation search engine to guide the dependence of the reverse link. Therefore, the construction of the chain is still important, but many people before the "chain" mentality must change — "the chain is not sent out, especially the quality of the chain is not it can produce more effective click"".

to sum up in a word, "chain" method is to pursue the number of links win — the theory it is specious "a web page is more the number of links, its value is higher, more worthy of attention to search engine". And derive the chain the more, the kind of simplistic idea that "natural The more, the better., since no one to recommend me", so their own initiative to "go out" the construction of the chain, the chain construction method of my own website URL to promote the.

is the "chain" will spread like wildfire, because it is simple, fast and efficient, some domestic website promotion company chain team even reached more than 1000 people.


Recently, Google,

is simple in theory, "on their own initiative to" go out "the construction of the chain extension" and there is nothing wrong with the search engine users, does not exclude this initiative to go out of the "self" link building behavior "- because the link is the essence of URL, love Shanghai" search engine optimization guide 2 "said:" we call the super chain, is a recommended (form)". A form is also recommended for.

is a chain on the Internet "entrance guide – not just for the search engine spiders, but also for users is so -" access to your page is from other pages link". For users, if you can’t click through the content to attract him most willing to the chain of words, "the entrance is invalid," so there is no recommendation to complete.

this principle also applies to the Internet link recommendation behavior, "volunteer" chain "behavior must use more of others more recommended (more users to share links) and recognition (more users click to enter from the entrance) to realize itself as a" recommended "entrance" value.

was not recognized by the search engine chain invalid recommended, therefore, the "chain" friends.