I use the strategy of

is a new account, want to quickly get to the user data, quickly determine the value of the key words. You can put all the keywords added, and then use a decreasing method, the non transformed keywords step by step removed. The final selection is left to the keyword value, this is for the new account strategy for optimization of good old account, there are a lot of data in hand, I can take the kind of incremental add keywords to the automatic bidding tool, combined with their own specific situation you can try.

finally talk about this tool where it is said may put some keywords to a new high degree of competition, the most terrible is the malicious click, as long as the master you cannot prevent others to click on your malicious, and you have no way. Because I was in Shanghai Longfeng, before I have seen the very cattle click software, even the natural ranking can come up, of course not only the software, with a variety of software methods, here not say. Do you want to eat even love Shanghai jobs will be affected, so the malicious click is unavoidable, you meet the master in this industry, there is no place of punishment.

Of course, if The risk of

is not for all keywords using automatic bidding tool, it will instantly pull high cost, only for the implementation of key value monitoring, for some later general keywords ranking third also never mind, testing out the real value conversion keywords have inquiry put these words pull into the automatic bidding tools, for our small company budget below 1000, the budget is not very enough under the condition of maximizing the benefits can only take a cautious strategy. If you are the soil trench it’s different.

actually do the bidding of people know, keywords ranking factors or decide the price, as long as you click on the high price, more natural, a natural high quality click. Of course, other factors are also important, but key factor lies in the price, Shanghai launched the quality of love has certain effect, but only by a layer of fig leaf, of course, is love there is progress in Shanghai. Not Tucao, talk about some strategies using this tool.

I’ve seen people in order to occupy an industry, we use the software to click on a rival, deadly opponent can’t make money in this industry, automatic leave. Who they can love Shanghai "used low prices

love Shanghai promotion launched automatically bidding tool is a good news for the majority of the auction staff, do not go to check the keywords ranking have drop every day, but also brought another bad news, that is the competition will to a new height, imagine if an industry 35 companies competing for a core keywords ranking, we are using the automatic bidding tool case, the instant to click on the price to a new height, love Shanghai before the bidding into phoenix nest system, and automatic bidding tools and live the phoenix nest system into love Shanghai auction.