good to come to the point, CSS optimization, mainly about CSS efficiency. After all, the execution efficiency of website with Shanghai dragon is also a great relationship. Before this, my need to introduce a CSS selector implementation and browser rendering process.


website optimization for my most important site of internal optimization, as long as the site of the internal optimization well, other Shanghai Longfeng steps to play a multiplier effect. My will on the station optimization method in the land behind the writing, today to talk about the Shanghai dragon station optimization and CSS optimization. Why in the station optimization is one of the most important link in the Shanghai dragon. You can think of Shanghai dragon Er website optimization is actually nothing more than just a few of the important link, and the link is needed to continue to repeat every day to do. Do not need to spend too much mental, just need to work on the line when his toil.

browser is the first from right to left to deal with the selector, then process the browser work, here is the rendering process, get the data after the browser to draw a DOM tree, then there is a "reflow" process, this process is in the CSS file download, determine the location to render the elements in the DOM, and the CSS style, many applications in time to have a "reflow" process, therefore, to avoid this process, which reduces the process efficiency will considerably enhance the browser.

there is a CSS selector, the >

station optimization is not the same, do not know if you have no experience, several people at the same time the site, are updated the original article, but also internal and external link, the optimization and so on are similar. But good or bad? Said in an example, do some Taobao off quickly to seize the ranking website, are willing to use a blog program to site. Not only is the definition of blog itself, (blog articles, can be interpreted as bloggers to write their own, and bloggers to write their own definition for the original article). This definition of the blog itself still plays a great role in the past. But with the flood and a large number of low quality blog blog, this proportion is also more and more low. But we will say, now use blog or program will easily included than web application. Indeed, this is because the internal structure of the blog program more friendly to search engines. The structure of the blog program are generally flat and close to the home page content distance, more conducive to the spider crawling. Of course, there are a lot of methods. My list of this, just want to say, the internal web site optimization is very important. The webmaster don’t want to jot down a station, what false original, the chain of garbage and so on to improve the ranking. This is not only very tired, but the effect is not good. You can look at the two article "the new owners need to do to prepare" and "streamlined code.". The two is the site of the internal optimization is introduced.