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here have to say the website optimization, only care about a few keywords ranking, pay attention to the website traffic, don’t spend too much time on the weight increase website. From the optimization of lottery sales software site, the beginning I was staring at the core keywords to optimize, because small business website a week will flow hundreds, ranking the main determinants of the website is. In the optimization of several lottery sales software 贵族宝贝fankeyu贵族宝贝/ and other core keywords, some keywords ranking up, but is very unstable, sometimes at home, sometimes to the third page, this time there is a risk of love Shanghai punishment. So should pay attention to in order to improve the website, the website weight lifting up, slowly ranking will have, at this time the ranking is very stable. Must not only pay attention to the short time of interest.

ranking refers to you in the process of optimized website, ranking in search engine.


from the optimization of lottery sales software on the site, the weight of the website is that important factors ranking. The weight of the high site search engines too fast. For example, I have a lot of lottery website on hand, but the weight of different heights, with the quality of the articles posted to different sites, weight high website contains a lot faster.

often heard many webmaster said, the website weights up will have ranking, actually the weight and ranking is different, so the website weight is equal to the ranking? From the optimization experience of the lottery website, website of the weight of the website ranking is have a great relationship, the website weight high, ranking is good. Under the weight of the website and we analyze how to determine the ranking, why the website weight of influence.

now the content of the web site is an important factor affecting the rankings and the weight of the website is the most direct reflection of the quality of the content of the website. A website without content is not the meaning of existence. The site’s ranking factors include the quality of website content, website link quality, these two aspects are important indicators of search engine evaluation site weight. So the weight of the website directly affect the site’s ranking, because their determinants are the same. Link to the site but this must, no matter how the search engine algorithm changes, but the links and the content is always the most important.

refers to the website weight is an authoritative website, can also be said that the popularity of the site, is a Shanghai love to judge the quality of the website.

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web site of the weight of great significance is more important than the ranking, the weight of the website is not equal to the ranking, can only say that the weight of the website is very decisive for ranking. From the site of the long-term survival plan view, far higher than the rank weights. I need to change the idea of optimization from finishing up the weight of the site rankings, but not for the keywords ranking web site optimization.