first ensure the content to be around the theme of the site to carry out the. Can then be used by tools or love Shanghai index, such as the long tail word search related headlines are find out, is the best documented. This article’s title as nested tail, can also can be in the form of word segmentation. With the time accumulated website operation. To do to enhance the weight of the long tail effect will gradually play out.

4) the title of the long tail word of

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because we are selling products station. Key words you choose must first meet, with the product keyword is equivalent to our store signs. For example, we sell "slimming products", but we sign "sell whitening products" so that even if someone came to see, it will not buy. This with our choice of words is related to the same reason

2) of the keyword index:

do station also has a period of time, in the attitude of doing a few half believe and half doubt guest station, every night regularly updated articles, send the chain. Insist on a period of time the keyword ranking came up, flow slowly up the highest IP through the search engine to reach more than 80. But a few days down conversion rate is almost zero. Then, after an analysis and summary of the page structure and keywords have been adjusted back on track.

we all know, now generally understand the reference word keyword search index or search. Because the word itself is a certain number of people to pay attention to the search will appear so. This is directly tell us that most people are so search. So it is very important to research keywords.

here to talk about a few steps Amoy keyword selection



1) and related products to:

3 words:



is also the site of some type of conversion rate is high and some low? This needs to study the empathy. To think of myself as the customer, and then think about what the word will search through. Take the scent station to explain it. This product is itself the scent of essential oils. The main keywords "rose essential oil", "rose oil price", "use" rose essential oil can be seen the last word of a "scent usage", from the customer’s point of view should be, buy, but do not know the details, and then the word "rose oil price" in my point of view; because I am interested in this product so I asked the price. The relative positioning is more reasonable, and the second word "rose essential role" is the customer would like to know about the product. So this can be a very clear analysis of the word conversion rate.