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this is, but there was a rather baffling URL wood!


love Shanghai above domain command is considered by many people as "love Shanghai chain", the first not to say, put the two pictures look at the impact of those people who love domain:

)The impact of

domain:www.sina贵族宝贝.cn, unrelated www.sina贵族宝贝 have!

seems quite logical and rigorous, but the fatal mistake is made in the initial premise: domain is not what the chain of command. So the back of the reasoning, although feel of spirit is very valuable, but because the premise behind all the mistakes, all studies have deviated from the truth.

after the opening theme. Shanghai dragon is a need to explore the unknown technology, search engine of the black box operation rules, we need to search engine principle, data analysis and so on to slowly groping based on, but more important, with rigorous logic. It is necessary for the derivation of the law.

we put the question to clarify: whether can link the identification and processing of pure text (non < a> < /a> standard >

cited content:

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but can not say that the domain command no reference value (not to be inconsistent, first love, slowly broken down) Shanghai webmaster club inside Lee said a few words:

why domain isn’t love Shanghai chain? Yes, it is not in fact what. That said, with domain:www.sina贵族宝贝.cn’s search results most similar orders are: www Sina com cn, while the four basic search scattered word. (the way, domain command might be an unfinished project, although there is no love in Shanghai because it appeared in any document, but it is the advanced search commands. But there is no relationship between the data and get it in any case what the chain of

so many people now to see how to do it, first some irresponsible brick house claims that domain is the love of the Shanghai chain, then a large number of people to the spread and regarded as truth — never to doubt its authenticity. Finally, there are some good schools in Shanghai Longfeng Er appeared, they began reasoning: because domain is love Shanghai outside the chain, so it can be found that, the anchor text of the chain is not loved in Shanghai included (domain similar to the direct search site, of course, to search the anchor text link), so there is a part of the people begin to doubt the role of the chain anchor text.