in depth analysis of love Shanghai brain plan, love Shanghai brain is divided into three layers design love Shanghai brain, open cloud, data factory, the analysis of Open Cloud and data factory is built on the search engine completely, that is to say, love Shanghai brain database almost entirely from the search, this is love Shanghai gene, and on the other hand, love Shanghai is likely to miss the bigger social network in the bigger cake.


after the last year frequent high-profile capital acquisitions gradually cooled down, the layout of the mobile Internet late love Shanghai began to play to the core technology of the competition, to find the difference in the BAT competition in the. Last summer, fall in love with the sea is deep learning academy IDL was founded by Robin Li personally go into battle, and then launched in May this year, Shanghai love brain plan, love Shanghai quickly went up a seemingly more solid, more can directly change the path of the world.

love Shanghai again under the ruthless hand of artificial intelligence.

however, under investment the rash and too much in haste a problem can not be ignored, emerge, follow Google’s path, the introduction of the "father Google brain, the artificial intelligence technology to search for the foundation, can really grasp the main future love Shanghai Internet

recently moved into Silicon Valley, in the new R & D center at the same time, the love of Shanghai announced the appointment of one of the most authoritative scholars in the field of artificial intelligence Wu Enda (AndrewNg), for the love of Shanghai’s chief scientist, responsible for the Shanghai Institute of love. This is the most heavyweight China Internet Corporation introduced so far.

IT Time [editor’s note] since I fell in love with the sea shortly before Wu Enda’s invitation to join the leading scholars, caused a great stir in the industry. In the outside world public opinion "rash and too much in haste under bombardment, the technical route is increasingly big love Shanghai. However, the author thinks that artificial intelligence technology to search for the foundation, can not grasp the main future Internet love Shanghai. The reason is you want to do this piece of artificial intelligence, should complement, connection and data Big SNS, which is currently the most lacking in the love of Shanghai.

is not just love Shanghai, including Google, launched by IBM, the world Internet giant "brain" plan, are limited in the deep learning artificial intelligence algorithm to improve their level of machine intelligence system, while ignoring the human factor, human wisdom, human initiative in the core role in the future of the Internet architecture in the play.

in the future, with the development of networking and other information technology, terminal, people will form a huge social network, the social network will connect people and people, people and things, will produce a large number of user data every day, and has a group of unprecedented scale and. At the end of 2013, the domestic agency.


missed social cake