4, a specialty (keyword stuffing)

keyword stuffing at home that is, let the guest know your home is what style, mainly those aspects. So he knows will be key to focus on what aspects, which would let him give people time to introduce focuses on the style of your home.

3, the room name (navigation and banner)

, 2 yard (page layout)


6, your guests.

, 1 door (head code optimization)

some Adsense due to appearance, love the banner navigation bar made of flash. Of course banner into FLASH, it does not matter, it does not want to make pictures of spider artist experts like to see your picture is good, worth money, pull away ~! Said the navigation, navigation is equivalent to tell the guests you have several "house", which was the main house, which one is the living room, if you put it into the FLASH, so that guests like the spider he did not know, the owner did not lead to the guests into the living room, but do not know where to walk into the bedroom to forget, the scene must be embarrassed.

I suggest the navigation is generally based on the text, and links to the best is the absolute link, of course you see is not beautiful, for pictures and text can also be in the picture inside the alt.

website source code Javascript file is best placed in the top of the page, it is best to pack storage. CSS code to the package store, do not head stack a lot can be packaged without storing code. For example: have you come over for dinner guests, the door piled a lot of garbage, the guests and the mood to eat well, to see that a heap of garbage "full". The source code is the head of your door, the house is good, look at the door.

network company layout generally use CSS+DIV layout, a few companies are still using the nested table to complete. Css+div good, simple, nothing complicated and nested table feel, the page is very complex. Here as your door to each room of the channel, the guests have to know your home, he will pass you a good channel (here refers to page layout), then arrived at the place where you want to go to him, if your layout is a mess, he is also quite relatively go up.

in my opinion, a website is a home, regardless of a spider or visitors to browse, is quite a guest you please. Your character is good, house guests are not out of order, and then go to visit your home. So the layout (website internal optimization) is very important, you are a face, your home is also a face, irregular will no longer patronize, following from the angle of a internal optimization at the site.