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first, the line on the website of money ready, I believe this site all know, like site selection procedures, content positioning, the choice of the domain name, space and so on, it will be discussed, but one point to note is that the choice of space must be better, are the best the choice of independent IP, is not affected, fast speed, good stability, high quality of the search engine is love! But this is the basis of


today my new line has a month time, when about 20 days of each station are arranged on the keywords I love Shanghai Google home, due to the construction of the railway station has recently been busy, no time, today I will this new optimization on the search engine home experience sharing at the time of a month. The construction of some new hope to help

fourth, the optimization of the link. Link optimization including the chain optimization and the chain optimization, in the station optimization when I add the link will appear when the keyword in the anchor text and link to the home page, in the tail appears in the keyword place with anchor text links to relevant articles and columns, so do the internal one, let the spider climb up to patronize you every corner of the site. In the chain, I did not go to the forum, irrigation, just uploaded after optimization program Links platform released information exchange links, included in the input domain query tool in each site, is to leave the site, then wrote a submission to the soft platform network owners and webmasters on. I did not have to each big search engine submission site, two days is automatically collected, Google once included the six. In fact, these preparations, not submitted to the search engines themselves included,

! will call! !

third, the layout optimization of keywords, my approach is to use the tools to query the number of key index to sort, for example: I do is local business information website, which is the word of a keyword "Nanjing dressing room rental" searches the best, so I put the word as the first keyword and so on. One by one, sort, but in the number of keywords to grasp the best in 3-5 about this! Now popular long tail keywords optimization, the inside pages can other pages to do, the effect will make you unexpected! I study on long tail keywords are on the way,

second, add the site’s content, it is also easy to understand, but is not too hard to collect a lot of information, to a certain amount, it is best to love manual entry, Shanghai left a good impression, the ability of friends can Gesanchaiwu to engage in a few original articles, it is not false original also, the pseudo original online tutorial is more! And here is the information input to the major search engines to submit your URL, if your original article enough good enough, soon included, after all we all need a good thing, love is Shanghai users service

feels good!