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for a newly established 3 months of the new station, to the search engine on your stand a good impression or take some effort, so if we want to improve the site, want to let the spider more access to the article, here it is necessary for us to increase the anchor text links for example, I make the wine class website, so I met like liquor, Wine, or you can do the anchor text link.

before editing work is not my responsibility, but now that I am responsible for the ranking, then website ranking and editing work is closely related, perhaps before the editor’s job is to send 20 articles every day, of course the quality is just the title changed, here I strongly request, you can reduce the number of. Every day you can have published 4 articles, but the quality must be improved. This editorial work of 3 points is:

The chain here The correlation between

, editor in the quality of the main content of

many editors make is article published in time of the liquor blurred, published in the Wine list, first of all to users is a very serious mistake, the search engine is also an anti cheat, so that when we try to send the article to express the appropriate article to the corresponding list.

The anchor text link

3, the review will be changed to

1, the best

love Shanghai in a major update in August that many owners see the chain is more and more difficult to do, how to make up, let the normal snapshot update, is really a headache, recently in charge of the task is to buy wine, let love Shanghai home page keyword ranking top five at the end of the month, and most recently the site has been K to love Shanghai, and is currently a snapshot update is not normal, stay at the beginning of September. In just a few days to get the home page ranking is indeed a bit difficult, but as a Shanghai dragon Er staff, if the head of the site to you, let you go for, let you to improve the rankings, this is, this is not a task, the pressure is not may be, we must according to the site’s own situation to analyze, take some effective measures to do the work, here I gave you talk about is how to arrange the work division, how to improve keyword rankings in a short period of time.

1, first from the theme of the site related forum began to check.

because we are the readability of the articles in the drinks may be difficult, here we can start from reading, reading must use their own language to organize an article, must not repeat the 30%.


2 and theAn error

mining will be delivered to the relevant Shanghai dragon Er staff to do, of course, here we