The 1. problem of

if you use the 301 permanent redirect, then the weight of the original domain name will be completely to the new domain name, this change usually cannot be cancelled, if the cancellation will be search engine that permanent redirection is not established. If you use the 302 temporary redirect, then the search engine may also be considered cheating. Two jump after use will reduce and then cancel the domain name trust.

yesterday received a website that is before the company for customers to do the website, but obviously we do programmers do not pay attention to the problem of Shanghai dragon. First above:

domain name trust? It refers to the degree of recognition of the domain name search engine content; if a domain name trust is low, direct performance is the snapshot update is very slow, even the page content is not directly reflected in the search results.


… "


from the snapshot date, do more than a month. As "Blue Ocean foundation" in Shanghai in search results, through the communication with the technical department, found the reason is because the site at the beginning of the construction of the domain name used to jump technology. It is at that time the site search engines. Although the latter site title have changed, but because of the time domain name, website content acquisition, domain jump due to domain trust degree is low, so the search results in title did not change.

is very awkward, there are actually two title, actually is the first title as the standard, it is not in the search results title display "reasons" so not to discuss the foundation of blue ocean. To discuss the causes of the problem and solutions.

station construction at the beginning of a problem, remediation will have to spend more time in order to prevent this fundamental problem caused by the jump, we must first at the beginning of the construction site should cancel the jump, followed by the use of robots.txt banned included in the search engine website, completely open collection construction.

2. jump analysis


we can see in the search results of second shows the title blue ocean, described as the "foundation" of the websites you visit are making


diagnosis of

To solve the root of the


"domain name trust degree is too low" this problem is generally stable in high quality original content update time every day and publish high quality chain. But obviously, we go with the customer to update the high quality content that is not too realistic, it will only send outside the chain, and the high quality of the chain is very time consuming.

actually I open a snapshot view code is:

solutionThe solution for What is the