problem is how to make users need to stand here, the author put forward some new words, the first is to do, the information content is second, according to the needs of users to meet the needs of various industries, third is the release of official information timely and correctly, the fourth is to ensure that the content of the original, this mainly for search, search general love original content, and users do not see far replicate information. Can do all of the above a basic site has been formed, if you need a more perfect site will need to continue efforts to make corresponding action.

New Adsense website

is the first in the best choice of link exchange flow and ranking good site, the site will only reduce the bad reputation and their impact on the website is not good, will let users mistakenly think that the quality of the site. Excellent websites generally accepted by users, a high degree of credibility. But it takes a certain amount of money, but for the benefit is very ideal.

funds have been slow to change or the effect is not ideal, which is a big reason for individual owners, individual owners are often alone do, no other sources of funding. So in the website prior to the search engine optimization has become the preferred owners, general new traffic sources are from the search engine optimization, do website ranking has become the most important thing in this regard.

website ranking in the search on the website mainly rely on, to coordinate the relationship between search and user, the user through the search to find what they want, and the search will be provided to the user site, the site of this time is to meet the needs of users, improve their website content quality. For satisfying each user through the search into the site, so the user will remember the website to be the site of loyal customers. This is an intermediate during the search, as long as to attract the attention of users the following things to rely on their own strength to grasp the exhibition website.

then make domain name keyword, domain name number of letters is best not too much; site of the title bar and the general page must appear keywords, this will greatly increase the degree of attention to the web site search.

search found that web site will always provide the ideal content to the user when will enhance the site’s ranking, then there will be more users found the website finally become Internet users, this is a benign cycle. If the poor search will naturally reduce the content of the website ranking lose interest, and simple links promotion, although a short time can enhance the flow but not for a long time, as long as the content is not suitable for search needs sooner or later will be removed, only to meet the user’s search content will be concerned. The purpose of the search is to increase user stickiness, which need to provide users the ideal things, these things will come from various websites, so fine content sites will be placed in front of the search. As long as the content is good even if the site has long been placed in the front is possible.