, 404 error page, although very simple, but there are many details that need our attention. Only properly handle these details, it is to achieve a multiplier effect. The graduation design boutique network 贵族宝贝jpbysj贵族宝贝 original, reproduced please keep the source.

site appears dead link is one of the most asked every webmaster want to see, the existence of the dead link will not only a serious blow to the user friendly experience, but if too many dead links will lead to the punishment of the search engine. But it is a dead link each site will inevitably encounter, especially the new upgrade site. Site upgrade column adjustment, delete the contents and so on operation will cause a large number of links to the site appears dead. In this case we need to find a reasonable processing method, in order to ensure the user’s loss and the punishment of the search engine of the site because once an upgrade, most of the content is deleted, and not to do 404 error pages, resulting in the loss of a large number of users. First of all we need to know about the dead link.

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finally, I would like to special remind, when we put the 404 error pages do, must first test the page. The test method is very simple, as long as we enter a US site does not exist page URL address, the test can open 404 error page. There is a need to test the state code, to determine the return of the state is 200, not 404, if the status code error, and the site and there are a lot of dead link words, so bad things may happen to you. The search engine will think your site using the means of cheating, will lead to unnecessary punishment.

dead link, we can also call it the wrong link. Generally appear in the content page after adjustment, disappear, leading to the original link cannot reach the target page. This link is included in the search engine. This leads to the time when the visitors through into your site will appear to find the exit page embarrassed search, the user will be lost.


as to how to deal with the 303 page, I will not have a lot of online information is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, a.

then how to deal with this problem, the processing method of dead links are many, the author thinks that the artifact is one of the 404 error page. I especially like the site has such a big collection of cases. When the user enters a dead link, 404 page can inform the user of this page has been deleted, and guide users to upgrade the home page. Of course, the best we can add a 404 of the statistics, statistics users the most long into the link, and then select a few to do 303 redirect to the new URL from.