4, to answer the questions in the love of Shanghai know, if you give the answer is a simple answer, then love Shanghai think your answer is spam, but the questioner can not choose your answer as a satisfactory answer, then you show at the bottom of the problem, not as recommended the answer, then your promotion effect is especially bad, because many users are satisfied with the reference answer to this answer, so the effect is good, you know, so in order to give you a satisfactory answer answer and answer recommendation banner, must be on the questioner responsible, carefully answered, so you, the adoption rate will raise up.

5, to choose a good love Shanghai know the promotion of the scope, how to say, my first example, if your site is the construction of the website, then you answer some of the questions in the second grade primary school in Shanghai to know love, then your website promotion effect is not big, you should choose the architectural problems to answer some technical problems, such as, building the examination questions, the city.


2, to understand the love of Shanghai know every time have been adopted integral fixed integral and the questions presented, integral accumulation is higher, the higher the level that the user, at the same time also increased the integral also increase the value of wealth, wealth value can exchange gifts I know falling in love with the sea. Last week the dollar U disk of a 8G, very good, the exchange gift too can arouse the webmaster fun, added a function of this month, is landing every day will give love Shanghai know some points, the webmaster to add a good mood in the promotion of their own at the same time

3, to be clear to love Shanghai know the product exposure rate is very high, because when the user search keywords in the sea, the first time in front of the user, or display in the first two pages of the previous record must contain love Shanghai know record QA products, so that Shanghai know this promotion for the webmaster is obviously in the choice of channels to promote their own website on, so today I will definitely love Shanghai know the promotion effect is very good, hope that we can reasonably use


Hello, long time no write some articles, today is the end of May, time flies, the talk about I do stand 6 years through the love of Shanghai know website promotion experience! I hope to help you improve the website can better adapt to the society’s ability to survive. Let us avoid detours! Today is about love Shanghai know some promotion skills

1, you should know that love Shanghai know a higher user level account, ask and answer number is more than a day, this is what I deeply understand, remember once when 1-4 answer to 10 content not to answer, now my level reached 14 level, can answer dozens of questions, questions are more, so we have to keep your account permissions more! Account higher grades enjoy