can use the above two points that a competitor’s site in the search engine how to behave! But webmaster friends don’t forget, the site is for the user to use and watch, so the user experience is higher than all! Analyze competitor website user experience to. Your own personal simulation back to the user, web design experience to the competitor’s website, the website customer service attitude, the site process is convenient and the handling of complaints and other issues! Finally the comprehensive analysis, a comprehensive score of

analysis of competitors second elements: link analysis

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chain for the emperor, at the site of the weight score, weight chain accounted for a large proportion! Good in the chain and the chain is the only way to protect the site weight, but also how to transfer the website weight! Link analysis of competitors?! mainly starts from two aspects: one is too! To detect the competition website with tools like Xenu internal links, to see whether there is a phenomenon of death if any. It is the site of the weight and ranking is not too good! The chain patency is a basic requirement for site optimization! So the competition inside the chain can easily reflect the level of optimization site! Competitor analysis second strokes. Through the domain command see how much the chain of competitors, and competitors do website chain how high! Through the analysis of the above two aspects. Is enough to know that the weight and optimize the competition website how to do

through the above three aspects, it can be more objective that competitive advantages and disadvantages! Then for rival optimization strategy and operation idea, build their own operations and optimizing idea. So you can go anywhere!

is the so-called "content is king, the chain for the emperor!" the first one is the analysis of competitors to see how the contents of the competition website. How to analyze competitor’s website content?! it should be from the following aspects! One is to look at the next station is highly repetitive, two is the content of Web site into the search engine search, to see whether it is search engine features?! three is to see whether the page has been included by the ranking of the rankings?! "how much of the total content of the website?! with the above several means to analysis, we can know how the quality of the competition website content. If included number, and most of them are ranked by words, then the optimization based on this website is done very well! It’s competitors are not easy to be beyond

analysis of competitors third elements: user experience

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learn to analyze competitor, is also the site optimization is very important in a link! How to analyze the competition?! of the small plum and you talk about the three elements of competitors! Share some of their

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analysis of competitors first elements: content analysis of