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summed up the problem, let us solve them one by one.

2. love Shanghai only a collection of text links, so I usually send text links will help? Most of my friends are having sex in Shanghai ranked keywords, so pay attention to love Shanghai chain is also behoove, then love Shanghai only a collection of text links, whether there is a role here? Rover said the details is his understanding of the text link to the search engine spider crawls, is unable to determine its relevance, we send the chain to pay attention to a relationship, so the spider can not judge the relevance, that text links do what? This we do not have to doubt, since love Shanghai it included, since there is a reason for it, then there is a website the exposure problem, this would not have much of it, ha ha! Conclusion: website exposure for keywords ranking part of love Shanghai.

Rover often see a lot of new Shanghai dragon Er some questions about YAHOO trans and trans Shanghai love in the forum. Rover collected some friends inside the forum posts, and Rover collected in Beijing work, colleagues asked similar problems, Rover put these recurring problems was summed up, summed up 2 problems as follows: 1. the anchor text is why love Shanghai anti anti chain chain than YAHOO, YAHOO it contains only less than I sent more than 1/10. 2. love Shanghai only a collection of text links, so I usually send text link will have a

1. love Shanghai chain than YAHOO asked what the chain? Let’s say YAHOO trans and love Shanghai anti chain difference, as everyone knows love Shanghai anti chain statistics is the external text links, while YAHOO statistics is Links or external single link, from the external link evaluation standards YAHOO, the website external links the weights of the evaluation standard of Shanghai love than the standard link evaluation of external sites, Rover believes that many Shanghai dragon Er to send the chain (such as blog, forum resources) is used to anchor text keywords rarely with text links, according to the above analysis the difference between YAHOO and Shanghai love chain the chain, the conclusion is that this part of the chain should all be included in YAHOO, and love Shanghai included zero, because you did not send the link text. So why is the reality of love Shanghai is included, but also more than YAHOO? Then my answer is the weights of the chain, some weight to the YAHOO chain standard, then YAHOO chain included, also love Shanghai trans also may be included, because YAHOO anti chain evaluation the standard is higher than the love of Shanghai. At the same time, according to the statistical weight most of the chain resources is not up to the standard of the YAHOO chain, so this part will be included and love Shanghai YAHOO is not included, because anti chain then this is why love Shanghai or the YAHOO chain.

Rover is a personal point of view, not