picture is very intuitive to show us the love Shanghai crawling time, this does not know, we have noticed that

you look at the title, may feel the love of Shanghai is not a snapshot? How come? Or it is also got out a commonplace talk of an old scholar, today Xiaobian I said, at the time of this writing, guess you would think so, but I believe that if you go to it will be found that we did not notice there will be a lot of places. Or forget, or you may not know, the other is not to say, see below.

well, in this small series will be found and doubts to share with you.


first of all, the article included time is very accurate, accurate to the second, so that the current search engine is very powerful.

third, the high quality can generally be on the spot if the second, should be at the time, but in the circle shown in time, 3~8 is not at work, which included here? This is a bit confused.

as you notice I didn’t notice, in this not to say, hope this can be for everyone woke up.


small I in this not to say, or pictures. The following figure

second, the yield of the time display in the morning between 3 ~8 (note that pages are generally time from the early morning to be included on the 0 points to 12, afternoon rarely).


you look at the title, how many there will be little doubt, so in order to help you to understand, directly on the map, as shown below.

small I think after reading this, the search engine may be collected first on a web page and then indexed (if there do not understand can access relevant information), and as shown in the figure, "included time not real website, but love the sea indexing time, love Shanghai the indexing time in no.


What is the relationship between "

figure, obviously, is the current web page is collected in time, but the problem comes, this is my today to ask you to explain the contents in time what features? You can think about the same, you can go to any search keywords to see, may be found.

some people may notice it, but this and your title "(the latest) love Shanghai web crawl time snapshot grab


the content of this paper is to love Shanghai around the web crawling time, there may be a lot of people are not aware of the details, so today, I announced to everyone, "(the latest) love sea snapshot grasping grasping time".