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why did the Chinese version of Wework change into an incubator?

two, building personal websites to make money

so, what is the unique gene Wework? Where is the gap between domestic imitators with it? Wework can continue in the United States in the China stride forward singing militant songs success? Or will encounter like other The climate does not suit one. multinational technology companies like

nowadays, the Internet has entered thousands of households, and the Internet has brought great convenience to people. We want to buy something, to run the mall, to run the store, later became popular TV shopping, now the network into thousands of households, people began to online shopping, online shopping has brought people a lot of convenience, at home gently the little mouse, want to buy things to come, so more and more people began to online shopping this will open up the market, to the people, so that more people have the opportunity to make money, so shop hidden huge potential in the online shop to provide free now! There are many, such as eaby, Amazon, Taobao, eBay, paipai, America online. They offer a platform where people shop on the Internet, and the platform is free. Then you go to these sites to display your product and you will be able to successfully open it. This is your first step to making money online store. The way to make money online has several requirements. You have to be able to deliver products. Products include electronics, web services, and physical products. It’s the first clever way to earn money for free part-time work.


5 in the way to make money, this is required, we have some technology. We listen to, I feel very deep, like, in fact, this is also very simple, we are not professional site, as long as you can build a can be used, we will not build, you can find online open source program. For example, CMS, blogs, websites and other systems. So how do we make money when the site is built? The general practice is to put in advertising and earn advertising fees. Of course, your site will flow, flow determines the size of your advertising costs so much, built after the first thing to do is to publicize the website and other sites have a certain flow can make money! This way to make money, early may be difficult, but once the development, can not do what with money, it is called after the first bitter sweet, you can consider this way to make money


in many domestic imitators. But no feudal lords vying for the throne, the birth of a family can be comparable with the Wework, the same company sought by the capital market. Even the greatest momentum, the beginning of the birth of the so-called "WeWork now has more than 1.8 stations, this is too easy in Chinese realized, we can do a year" Hugo workshop latest valuation is now only 4 billion 500 million yuan, only a fraction of Wework.

, the founder of the joint office field and the first Unicorn Wework in China, opened its first office in Shanghai in July 1st. After the latest round of $450 million financing in March this year, Wework was valued at over $16 billion, almost the sum of all China’s joint office start-ups.


write to make money is not what happens, we usually see those network novels, they are not really what the writer, are some of the network was handwritten, write this because they can make money! In the network, some people, some things, some products need to publicize the article there is a market demand. You can build a blog and start writing something, although many people think you’re on the loose

! However,

although the domestic joint office entrepreneurs invariably claim to act as "China Wework", but in terms of target groups, operation strategy, business model and Wework will be quite different, the only similarity lies in "the whole wholesale and sell". Wework is in accordance with Facebook, Snapchat and other technology companies valuation methods to estimate, because it created a new market micro-office space and a new concept Space as a servce, so that they can become Uber and Airbnb shared economic giant list, enjoy the outlet startup star treatment.

, while the domestic joint office entrepreneurs, but invariably made himself a "public space."". With incubator, accelerator and pioneer park together for the quality of start-up companies settled, and strive for local governments, parks, land and concessions, into the "everywhere are incubators, entrepreneurship."

Abstract: "Chinese version Wework" into the incubator, Wework can continue in the United States in the China stride forward singing militant songs success? Or will encounter like other The climate does not suit one. multinational technology companies like

three, blogging, making money,

actually, under the "national entrepreneurship and innovation" with the promotion of the public record, all kinds of domestic space has more than 2300, there are more than 2500 business incubators, accelerators, 11 national innovation demonstration zone and 146 national high-tech zones, "everywhere incubator, entrepreneurs are not enough". Including Hugo workshop, sugar town and other companies have Wework as the object.

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