in fact, marriage is not for divorce, and work is not for being fired. But there are still people who have been divorced, some have been fired, and now more and more people are getting divorced and being fired. >


I just want to express my opinion with second simple words, the third point is to do some service industry Wangzhuan friends, you want to make money, to serve the people, do not lie, what you promised? You must have to do Wangzhuan the most taboo! Is a lie, a customer may bring you 50 customers, also can give you a severance 1000 user intention.

in the first year after divorce, women’s average living standards dropped by an average of 73%.

a woman’s life has undergone many changes, and let the woman accept the actual financial education is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. It may be for a variety of reasons that more and more women begin to join the ranks of entrepreneurs. They want to find their own value in existence and hope to realize their ideals. No matter what the reason, the number of women entrepreneurs is increasing year by year, and there is no doubt about it. Careful investigation, women in the end why entrepreneurship,


is the first to find your own ideas, now common types include free Wangzhuan Wangzhuan investigation, money, money, money, money, surfing game activities, make money make money – sh419 AD Wangzhuan shlf1314 Advertising, advertising, Alibaba etc.. Do not this project, that day, that project to do two days, a project master, than you only know 10 projects to make money, where the owners earn money is a site to earn friends to participate. Other projects are common users can also participate in. You may want to find the most easy to participate in, as well as the most representative of the project to do so, to understand its characteristics. Then get more involved in the project. You may often see a lot of flying Wangzhuan advertising, said what day to earn a few hundred, are true or not? I think most of them are false, which is so easy to dig gold mine? Do not think about it, the real money is the webmaster after many efforts and exploration, after falling up. I was saying that not only look at the eyes Wangzhuan money interests, to see some of the long-term, groping in the study, slowly to make money on the learning progress, don’t always want to swallow a cow.

first, it is very important to learning ideas, find their own projects, whether you are to build the site to earn traffic revenue or do some free Wangzhuan, must adhere to the second points, "persevere" I know a lot of crooks love with Ma’s words to you, but I don’t like to borrow. Ma said: many young people ah, the first night thinking about entrepreneurship to be in full swing, the morning of the second day still riding bicycles to work. So, have to persevere in learning and progress, "thank you what need three up to sleep before dawn, the most useless if one day ten day of cold exposure

/ 50% marriage ends in divorce. After the divorce, who is the child? She is a woman. So she not only has to support herself, but also has a baby. What’s the first cause of a couple’s quarrel in marriage? Money?

entrepreneurship is actually doing what other people haven’t done, doing what others have done and not doing it. The real entrepreneurs tend to be deviant, unusual, a group of people have their own unique ideas. I was very surprised when I had statistics on women and money. The following is a group of data from the United States, but I find that the data of other countries in the world are almost the same, or there is such a trend.

= 3/4 is female among the poor in the elderly; 80% of women are not poor when their husbands are alive.

I entered Wangzhuan time is not long, in the A5 on your own point of view, see a lot of novice make friends are still struggling to find the word Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Road, I feel the need to talk about some of this view. Do Wangzhuan from my experience, to do Wangzhuan, the most basic this is the most basic requires four basic conditions of "correct positioning ideas" + "persevere" + "honesty" and "keeping pace with the times". The four condition is indispensable. I’ll talk about it in detail.

what can these statistics tell us,

four, keeping pace with the times


in the United States: there is the same social problem in China

three, honesty,

1, the correct positioning of thinking 10000 items can not often change

from these data I found in Dongsheng that more and more women, especially when they were old, did not learn or were prepared to take care of themselves financially. Women take care of their families all their lives, but at the last minute they don’t have the ability to take care of themselves. Women either depend on others to take care of themselves – husbands, friends, bosses, relatives, or the government, or assume that the boat is straight at the end of the bridge. This is the fairy tale we grew up in.

by 2000, women have an average life expectancy of 7~10 years longer than men, which means that women have to shoulder the burden of so many years.

50 of women over the age of 47% are single. that means they have to financially support themselves.

two, persevere,

women earn less than men after retirement. Because women can’t work for 14.7 years on average, while men only have 1.6 years. women are usually the main force in the care of the family.

– about 7 out of every 10 women have lived in poverty.