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car ants actually is now a build in C2B mode on the shell, and the predecessor of the No. 2 car ants garage for the existing car ants mode accumulated enough resources, channels, and team – this is the car. "



car ant introduction

with the development and progress of the times, more and more people start their business on the internet. But many people know that they can make money online, but they don’t know what to do.

seem simple and need to pay attention to a lot of detail. As long as you seriously believe, you will succeed.

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business: through the website platform, the owner of the car service requirements and businesses to provide corresponding service programs to match, to meet the owners in the process of car in a variety of personalized service needs. Service needs include car beauty, car maintenance, car maintenance, car upholstery, etc..

, Hangzhou

fifth step: the flow is coming, waiting to collect the money,

link address: wangluo-zhuanqian/xin-shou-ru-he-zhuan-mei-jin/

2 garage accumulation – second enterprises "moat"

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, this blog has just opened, hoping to like this site. This site is also a good place for you to learn online knowledge. Don’t talk nonsense, get to the point.

car ants three people Li Liheng, Lin Yan and Fan Qinglin are the standard old Ali, Ali served as executives, on average, Ali has been ten years of work experience, they are the first batch of Ali employees, witnessed the development of Chinese electricity supplier. The three old people of Ali, constitutes the first line of business "car ants moat", they have a rich and successful business experience, the electricity supplier structure, operation, a series of basic system of sales have reached a "high".

, I’d like to say briefly how novices make money on the internet.

first step: make your own site do not stand does not matter, now many people are in the use of procedures to do stand, including himself, as long as typing a simple to learn HTML to do a site easily

capital status: in May 2012, $5 million to establish a vertical B2C internal website platform for automotive supplies industry -2 garage car ants predecessor September 2012, No. 2, garage network is upgraded to car ants and an additional investment of 5 million yuan.

The founding team of

Ali’s founding team: Ali style entrepreneurial concept – the first enterprise "moat"

product on line time: April 2013

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actually it’s easy to make money online, you just don’t know the way. Here, invincible tell you a fact, know is not equal to meeting.

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The steps above

, and this Ali team also has Ali style entrepreneurial concept, which also directly determines the future direction and pattern of car ants. Ali led by Ma, the style basically embodies two characteristics: 1. platforms; 2. perfect service system – and the car ants are the same, basically like a vertical field of ali. I founder Li Liheng told the dark horse, positioning the car ants is the beginning of the platform, he will cut into the automotive service market after the electricity supplier model, build a business platform, the introduction of automobile service providers and accessories businesses, let them Chinese owners who provide a series of automotive beauty, car maintenance, car maintenance, car decoration etc. the service, and then based on these services, the future development direction of the car is a large shopping platform of ants, Chinese pan automobile maintenance service. When I listen to Li Liheng explain the strategic structure of the car ants, I deeply appreciate the "ant ant" style of development, and if the horses do so, the basic strategy will be the same.