following the end of 2006, youku received $12 million in the second round of venture capital, uusee in early 2007 and won the second round of investment from DFJGrowthFund, and the firm highland capital venture capital institutions, totaling $23 million 500 thousand, which is far China network video industry is one of the largest financing.

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Abstract Zuckerberg said, after making mistakes, but also continue to move forward, do not emphasize too much of their mistakes in the past.

it is worth mentioning that, in the development of APP strategy, Facebook also experienced many failures, such as two times to imitate Snapchat development of burn after reading the social networking tool "Poker" and "Slingshot" in the market failure, Android mobile phone desktop product "Home" has also been stone sea. Chen Xi

venture capital has always been the main driving force for the growth of emerging Internet applications, and network video is no exception. CCID Consulting data show that from 2004 to date, China’s online video industry received a total of 120 million U.S. dollars of venture capital, which greatly contributed to the development of China’s online video industry.

from the world’s largest social network Facebook including its chat tool Messenger, spending huge sums to acquire WhatsApp and Instagram have become world-class products, Zuckerberg has become the world’s well-known young entrepreneurs legend. His entrepreneurial experience at Harvard University has also landed on the Hollywood screen.


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however, later developments showed that mobile end applications APP became mainstream, with shlf1314, Android and apple iOS driving the world’s massive Android and iOS applications, respectively.

later, Facebook also decisively adjusted direction, in the social network of mobile, launched a large number of clients and APP.

HTML5 web development can support mobile devices and browsers, service providers need to develop a service, is the largest number of Internet users, users need to download and install, only need a browser to access.

Zuckerberg didn’t talk in detail about his or Facebook’s mistakes in the conversation, but in the past he spoke openly about his mistakes.

compared to get venture capital investment, financing is obviously a higher goal, is the symbol of Liyudiaolongmen, but financing difficulty and complexity of ordinary video sites can not imagine. In addition, stock market investors are far from risk capitalists, and now >

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actively seeking second round of financing from video sites, you can see that the network of video sites in the first round of financing the funds received by the depletion of the face. Under the pressure of high costs, the vast majority of online video sites are still in the burn stage, and the immature profit model leads to the failure of the site’s own hematopoietic function, relying solely on the external blood supply to survive. In this situation, the natural resources become a decisive factor for the survival and development of many video sites, the video site is The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, Gexianshentong, venture investment, financing and operating income and other tricks to become a magic weapon through financial difficulties.

BI Chinese station reported on December 12th

in addition to venture investment, video sites also began to use the stock market to obtain the funds needed for the development of the site. In September 2006, the first video website through the Hongkong International Group successfully landed on the Hongkong stock market, get $240 million financing. The concept of "the first video video network alliance" network video advertising platform for the stock market investor’s identity, "video network alliance" is similar to the shlf1314AdSense, to expand the coverage of video advertising by joining the site.

although the second round of venture capital for the site to continue to explore the profit model for the time, but also laid the foundation for the cost of experience to improve the quality of the contents and website users, but sit to eat Jinshan empty, not in open source under the condition of the third round, fourth round of venture capital such as stage and can?

Zuckerberg said that when he started Facebook, he made a lot of mistakes, and it was these mistakes that made him learn a lot.

Zuckerberg said, "don’t worry, you will make mistakes often. Mistakes are what you can learn. The real problem is how you learn from your mistakes, not how to avoid them."."


"go ahead, and don’t stress how many mistakes you’ve made in the past."." Zuckerberg says.

Facebook December 11th is the usual internal staff quiz day occasionally let users participate in external, Zuckerberg provides a business proposal, namely don’t avoid mistakes, but to learn from our mistakes.

Zuckerberg talked about, that is the development of mobile Internet in the beginning, he misjudged the technical route of mobile Internet, he thought the HTML5 and the mobile version ", will become the mainstream technology in the future.

but from the venture capital nearly two generous, after the first round of exploratory investment, venture capitalists have changed before the wide net, focus on the cultivation of the investment strategy, began to put the capital to the market leader and innovator of profit model, most of imitation YouTube video sharing site abandoned by capital it can be said, the second round of venture capital financing to promote the differentiation of network video camp.