annual turnover: 5 million, reward 100 thousand


general partner cheats, this two days more and more is a classic, just yesterday a micro friends asking this question, so today is going to share it to people in need.

3 is suitable for enterprises from 1 to N, which want to scale up and want to expand rapidly all over the country and even the whole world

explains: if one person A wants to be a partner in the Shanghai branch, he can finance his contribution from 5 to 5 with the headquarters; when shares are allocated, they can be split from 4 to 6 in the head office. The contribution will make the partner responsible, but not necessarily all

annual turnover: 3 million, reward 50 thousand

This is the Yellow

1 has very strong lazy

two, partner basic salary and bonus allocation scheme

three, share allocation scheme,

with the rapid development of computer technology and information technology, electronic information data has exploded, exists in all walks of life in all aspects. The data is to bring rich and powerful data analysis tools, the fast growth of massive data is collected and stored in large and large database, no powerful tools to understand them is far beyond the capacity of the people. As a result, the vast amounts of data collected are precipitated into a rarely re accessed data file. Therefore, the most important decisions are not based on the rich information in the database, but on the intuition of the decision maker because the decision maker lacks the tools to extract valuable knowledge from the mass data.

The new era of the new management problems of

2 branch stores in the country or to line the industry under

system use remember key points: the partnership must be funded, if not on the investment into the dry stock partners generally do not cherish the opportunity, not


one, partner system core

partners are required to have basic wages, life must be, money is to do the back. Simply tell Huang’s basic salary distribution mentality: according to team size and company turnover,

A program, 5 – 5 investment; 4 – 6, share allocation,

annual turnover: 8 million, reward 200 thousand

to people

annual turnover: 10 million, reward 300 thousand

partners, most people worry about how money and partners step to do their best, a lot of contradictions also appear here. Huang’s total partner system easily solved the problem:

partner system applies industry characteristics:

under 20 people, 6000 yuan; 21 – 30 people, 7000 yuan; 31 – 50 people; 8000 yuan; 51 – 70 people; 9000 yuan; 71 – 100 people; 10000 yuan


, such as head hunting company, consulting company, law firm, barber shop, health care massage shop and so on.

first introduced Huang: Huang Xiaoping, and Yao Jinbo together. The 58 city; for the 58 city play, later feel boring to leave; leave after 58 to operate the headhunter headhunting company has now Rui Shi Fonda is the top domestic headhunting company, this year with the expansion of the international market, rely on this set of partner system, we can make it on the money does not hurt.

year-end bonus setting: