in addition to seeking friendship connection, this station PR1, sh419 included 750, request PR is not 0, sh419 included home page and content page, snapshot 3 days, the page clean and tidy, no pornographic advertising can. Interested parties plus 379996914

, let’s talk about it. Wuhan, look at www.027kk

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

on the above points, yes, mainly talking about how small flow make big money.

now, whether it is a person or a ghost, will open a movie network, the number of procedures for the film number is endless, buy a space, procedures, a collection, the success of the site. I am also a part-time webmaster, the small flow of the poor, although sh419 included hundreds, but only about IP500, IP, sometimes sees thousands of jealous, are put pornographic images exchange traffic, but the traffic effect is not big?. Although my station 500IP every day, at least 400 are loyal users! How to retain users, the following is my analysis of a few points.

, the old seven color Valley EC alliance platform: 7cv/ec/ec.php

A new ally,

since August 14, 2007 in the old colorful Valley EC alliance platform off Registration function. New user registration will jump to the new colorful Valley EC alliance platform registration.

two, performance check problem:

2007 before August 14th, in the old seven color Valley EC alliance platform registered users, you can view the sales performance in the new platform, you can also view the sales performance on the old platform.


the old platform you use the ad code, can view the sales performance in the new platform, can also view the sales performance in the old platform.

New users of the EC alliance registered after

2007 August 14th

four, how to query orders:

1, transaction statistics: the total amount sold and the amount of commission due from the start date to the deadline.

note: the trade statistics include only completed and revoked aggregate sales type the aggregate amount equal to the completion of the sales commission – or has been revoked or sales commission

2, transaction details: Show orders and orders completed every day.


2.1 sales type indicates the status of the order


2.2 directory shows the category of the product for this order

ZY: impotence class

CR: adult supplies

NY: Sexy Lingerie

BY: contraception, pregnancy test

BJ: health category

I believe that once the steady flow is done, I believe the price of the website is higher.

, but it wasn’t put up. There’s plenty of it. This is the need to communicate with users, to help users to click on ads, only income, although this is cheating, but money is most important!! for example, every time people ask for, I will want to help others in the group with little advertising, shouting to help users click, chat and group the leading group in the activity.

1 to establish a group, so that users communicate with you more, such as seeking the film, the fastest response to the user, mainly to users, you collect in many movies, no one to see, it is not the same.. So we should be user oriented.


at present, I put on the MM ad, although the price is not very high, but still more satisfactory, monthly income of 500,

although income is not much, but still want to share with you, not the place, exhibitions,

3 do not put pop, display, adult click ads, in fact, these ads do not make money,

2, do not put some porn traffic alliance, to the IP are garbage, and others are clicking on pornographic pictures to your station, and found that not, will only be immediately closed,

wrote for the first time, I hope you can support the movie station how to make a lot of money, I believe many people want to know, my film network has opened for six months.

! !

4 is neat and tidy. Don’t be garbage stand when people see it. Don’t connect with some newly opened movie stations!

has no time to take care of it, the site wants to transfer, willing to take over the details.