group encouraged me to start an undertaking. Wang had already started his business three or four times, and he had experience and had his own value in business.

, but in the segments, if you do the best, you’ll be able to beat the giants.

below share excerpts for Ma Huateng:

Abstract: in Ma Huateng’s view, entrepreneurs should pay more attention to cross-border integration of the parts, but also make use of the global platform. At the same time, he also believes that entrepreneurs find the right partner to build a team is very important, "we Tencent in the past there are five entrepreneurs do together, complementary to each other, it is possible to succeed."."

in the early days of BAT, when the giants are HUAWEI, Vanke, and they do not understand the internet. But today, when the giants are in the Internet industry, they are also very nervous about start-up companies, but also have their own concerns.

a few months ago, Shen Napeng came to me and said that there was such an idea that Professor Li Zexiang wanted to launch a platform for creative and creative work in Hongkong.

Shen Napeng is the most successful investor in China’s VC industry

I used to work in Ali, Hangzhou, Beijing, running on both sides, often because the car can not hit the machine. My hometown is Jiangxi, a home of the relatives to come to Beijing, the dinner at 7 points near the Wangfujing, the results of their half past 5 phone told me in a taxi, wait until 8, and the telephone and asked if I could pick them up.

recently, Sequoia Capital global executive partner Shen Napeng, joint Hong Kong University Science & Technology, Li Zexiang and other professors launched the "X technology entrepreneurship platform" set up in Hongkong.

pioneering needs impulse, but can not always rely on impulse, and finally to form their own business judgment.

CEO Wang of

is a lonely

decided to come out and share, because I have a deep understanding of the situation of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is lonely on the road.

started in 2011, the driver of the master, the smart phone has not yet universal, all followed

first, I work in Alipay, decided to start a business, not directly to resign but in Ali spent 9 months in, want to start doing what. At that time a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurship, but now want to, at that time the idea of entrepreneurship is very shallow.

I’ve been living in the shadow of the giant. It’s the background of the times.

Shen Napeng introduced in detail later, I learned that Professor Li Zexiang and his disciple Wang Tao from Hong Kong, out of business, then in Shenzhen developed a new technology enterprise in Xinjiang technology, is currently the global UAV accounted for 90% of the market share of the enterprise. I think this is a miracle, never a company from China can account for more than 90% of the world. I think it’s an innovation from nothing

finally decided to do something, but in fact, it’s more personal.

at the launching ceremony, as the "X science and Technology Pioneering platform" honorary chairman, Ma Huateng combined with their own entrepreneurial experience, to entrepreneurs put forward a lot of valuable suggestions.

after the idea of entrepreneurship, I consulted the people around, and all people are not reliable. But this is normal, this is the first venture, only to pull this off can be successful.

he stressed that entrepreneurs should be concerned about cross-border parts. The reason is that an industry to do a long time, inevitably a red sea, and the new technology in the two parts of cross-border industries are often the most opportunity to birth opportunities for innovation, it may be a blue ocean. "The history of Tencent is the same, when I did not understand the Internet communication, do the Internet, I do not understand communication, so I started the , including the current WeChat. This is the point of catching a crossing." Ma Huateng believes that financial, technology, biotechnology, new materials, robotics and other fields have cross platform, cross industry convergence opportunities.

at the time of entrepreneurship, I told myself to concentrate on the company, not to come out within 3 years to share the so-called experience. I feel like I’m still starting my business and I’m bragging. If you only do seven or eight, you’ll blow one hundred; if you do five or six, you’ll blow seven or eight.

if they’re looking at you, it’s good to talk to you about what you’ve done and they’ve got their attention. If they haven’t come to you yet, you haven’t done enough to make them pay attention to them.

Abstract: Cheng Wei once confidently took the product to Wang Xing to see. As a result, he took a look at it and said two words: "rubbish". But he had a strong belief that he knew which way he was going every day, so he did.


it’s a great honor for me to be here and to be the honorary chairman of the Hongkong X technology start-up platform.

on the road to entrepreneurship

you know, his Sequoia China has a lot of investment overseas, he can be said to be China’s venture capital sector’s most successful investors. The media gave him a title saying he bought half of China’s internet. Our Tencent also invested tens of billions of dollars in investment in the past, basically every project will see, Shen Peng team has entered one or two years ago. So his eyes are very original and very good, so I think his suggestion is more reliable.

dances with giants in the shadow of giants

in Ma Huateng’s view, it is very difficult to find a suitable partner, build team is very important, "the past is five entrepreneurial Tencent who we do together, complement each other to be successful."

is the constant passing through