what is web content aggregation? A new list or topic page that is based on a topic or keyword that combines the original content of a web site with a new sort of content. Web syndication intention is to facilitate the user content related to the same topic of extended reading, but at present, the polymerization and a SEO technique to use many websites quickly get in the search engine to flow. The so-called SEO technology is a double-edged sword, with good flow; with the wrong time, be K forever cannot turn over.

any web site will be content aggregation, content aggregation in the form of diversification, the most common, such as web sites, columns, topics, TAG (tags), combinatorial search page, etc..

After the

aggregated the content, it focused on showing the user no problem. The problem was that after the SEO optimization. In particular, some of the larger capacity of information websites and large and medium-sized industry websites.

how does SEO staff get quick access to traffic using aggregated pages?

1, for the industry to carry out a comprehensive long tail keywords collection and collation.

2, establish some rules, perfect station search function.

3 produces generic content aggregation page templates.

4 generates large amounts of aggregated pages in large quantities using generic templates based on keyword retrieval.

5, through the inside and outside the chain to enhance the polymerization page, Baidu included.

so far, many websites still use this way to get a lot of traffic from search engines, some large web search artificial aggregation page even up to tens of millions. Many sites, these aggregated page traffic in the overall traffic accounted for a great deal. The SEO approach seems to have no problem, but we must be honest with the following questions:

1, content relevance.

is based on keywords and keyword search, how to content itself out of relevance? Most web search function is relatively weak, while the search technology itself is a high threshold, even Baidu Google search results in precise issues are still in continuous efforts, not to mention the common network company. If the aggregation page keywords and content, the correlation is very poor, it will lose the significance of the original content of the polymerization, no value to the user, and any individual users aside to search engine SEO, eventually escape was identified as cheating.

2, page repetition.


two is very similar to the long tail keywords generated search content aggregation, then the result is likely to exactly the same, this will cause the page to repeat, but if there are 10 or 20 or more similar keywords, this website will be a large number of repeated page polymerization.