webmaster all day long on the network, every day is updated in the update, perhaps every day fixed things have their own passions and fighting spirit once submerged, and even have forgotten when just beginning to do a website ambition, also forgot to make the number of days many dreams! But see others do a few hundred IP on the Internet, day to earn a few blocks, or hear person made a stop for a year to buy a house, look at themselves in the blues, to regain their confidence that the original


is the focus of the Baidu webmaster every day, because he is the most webmasters traffic sources with the site IP! The mood is always much when you really subject to changing moods, put your heart on your website, on the profit and money, it will not be so much care about IP, because IP the excessive money conversion, don’t say is different for different people to operate the site get paid is not the same, you will get the same site for different people to operate to earn money is not the same! If you don’t believe you can have a good study of this problem is! One hundred IP can earn 1000 dollars, (not blowing, previously written an article have just found a moment can not find, the effect is one of my colleagues made a mobile phone repair site, to a teacher with the students, a The key word, 200IP can take 20 students, a student 300 deduct a percentage from a sum of money, 20×300 believe that each webmaster can calculate this simple topic, a IP how much money.

but again some ten thousand IP, day one hundred will not be able to earn that I made no ground for blame, Mr. Kanto movie station (http://s.guandongdaxiansheng.cn) IP up to about 3W, but the daily income are barely one hundred. How much money is a IP, now little more poor, flow down several times, income is double down, now about ten thousand IP income almost equal to 0, so now a IP how much money! Can let me realize my website now is no longer focused on IP and statistics, each look at the background of GG days was enough! IP in more money without increasing what is the use of IP, not to look. This is my experience of standing for several years,

!The following

is seen in a forum article, copy the following to let everyone take a look together, maybe you will think of what it! Look at the purpose of this article is not to see, grace how cattle X, but you can get some from the things they need, even if only quiet and contemplative moment heart


may in some expert opinion 1000IP a day to earn 50 is not worth showing off, but there is not a lot of expert, besides, it is not to show off, just for everyone to share with the exchange, first of all I do not stand the Ali Mama, I want to do the Ali Mama advertising, but my mother said that I can’t stand join, so I can only do the results of network advertising and.