Network Name: Fu Fu, born in 1987/08/13, now living in Chongqing. Now, 20 years old, he has 3000 domain names in hand, more than 150 thousand IP visits per day, and the monthly income of commercial advertising is as high as 30 thousand yuan. Just last week, a large security portal in the three countries gave 200 thousand annual salary, invited Fu Fu as director of website marketing, although by Fu Fu mildly refused, but the two sides reached a strategic partnership for one year. How did he do all this? I think everyone has been curious about Fu fu.

in the eyes of ordinary people do not worth mentioning small things, but in Fu Fu’s long-term concern and consideration for him to bring considerable income. Fu Fu during the work, often found that many guests can not open the web, after careful examination, it is found that the error caused by web site input. After one, two times… Three times… Fu Fu realized that this is a business opportunity, why not register those Internet users, easily lose the wrong domain name to get IP?. So he found the site of some of the big flow, through their domain name registered users easy for the wrong domain name to hijack the station traffic, for example some users of the letters on the keyboard position in the input may not familiar with the error L is the key to a K key.

blessing first month registered 1000 CN domain name, the reason why register CN domain name, because CN domain name is cheap 1 yuan, a cost is relatively low. He found 500 IP in about 100 thousand of the station, through which the domain name of the website, each website he combined two Internet users are most likely to lose the wrong domain. When he registered a 1000 domain name, basically each domain name can be hijacked to about 50 IP each day, the daily visits are about 50 thousand. Now he has already registered more than 3000 names, every visit will remain at around 150 thousand, Fu Fu before excitedly said to me will be registered 10 thousand domain names at the end of the year, daily traffic will reach around 500 thousand, the monthly advertising revenue is expected to exceed 100 thousand, I also hope he can accomplish this goal here.

before I came to Fu Fu said that I should put your deeds written articles published in the webmaster website, asked if he would be afraid of competitors to copy, he smiled confidently on I talked about this industry must be on the habits of Internet users to fully understand, it is generally difficult to do. I think Fu Fu was doing so well, in part because of the time he spent working in an Internet cafe. Some friends see this article may attempt to Fu in the industry, told me a word before Holmes, I want to give you is a fu for everyone, the life of a lot of small things if you carefully observe it maybe it will bring you wealth, wealth is often left people love to observe, in addition to find their own career intentions to do he.

Fu Fu said that before the registration of the domain name, choose the best selection of site flow around 50 thousand station, because the network.