is a local automotive Web site, first with my style of writing articles looking at you may be a bit clumsy compared to gas, but the following is indeed some true feeling my personal car for two years in operation, rightly or wrongly, please give me some advice, because I am too to understand the importance of mutual exchanges.

My predecessor

first car network do have a good history, it is the Yantai hotline (Yantai hotline is a web portal, Yantai Netcom’s current PR6) a car’s channel, I took over before it has every 500 to a fixed IP. This is for my future promotion, operation does play a significant role, ha ha, took over soon after I started the website, the website highlights the second-hand vehicle information release and assessment of second-hand car two special columns, 2 months later, with the Yantai second-hand car users to advertising my website is user there are 1000 fixed IP, at this time I started thinking of development site the next step, because it is still using the Yantai hotline two level domain users look somewhat irregular, so I apply for a domain name, ha ha, look here do not laugh Oh, a lot of friends is that the domain name is not good, is to see the domain name on the thought of the disaster, I want something different from others when things or my thoughts with others is different, I put the domain name to under To.

then time himself by feeling changed two times when the modified version, feel is good, but the practice has not brought to the site what change, traffic has been around 1200, PV at around 15000, so my site has entered a wandering stage. The site has been in operation for nearly 6 months, there is no profit, also before is to provide free services to users, so we have tried to registered members pay, the second-hand vehicle information issue, information pay top paid and some other conventional means, the results have little effect, so we went up the second-hand car dealer alliance. Yantai all the second-hand car dealers had a weekly summary, sent to the car beat second-hand car photos, and then released to the web site, using this method, we make a point of advertising, ha ha (because the Yantai second-hand car dealers also are very recognized 911che), during several to do a good second-hand car business website banner ads, a little income. Of course, we also tried the Baidu and Google Advertising Alliance, the effect is very bad, hanging everywhere annoying advertising, but also affected the overall image of the site, less than 1 months, we have all the advertising union all gone.

with a more in-depth understanding of industry website, feel that only by the second-hand car dealer’s advertising is far from reaching a profitable, because these people want to pay for online advertising is too little, want to publish information free of charge. So in 2009 October, we embarked on another revision, the new car tilted to the new car, more energy to the 4S car advertising, and the most important thing is I