recently go online to find some articles about SEO, no doubt in a headline caught quite a fascinating article, so I just went in to see, after the first paragraph I have to turn off, about one hundred words, but the left is not clear right to read read, he inside this sentence, a down, I did not see a few sentences on the sentence, I was very depressed, how this article posted on a station home? How much should the value of his! So directly drawn down, see friends comments, is a piece of it! I laughed, passed the examination in the webmaster site posted, this really think impassability ah


in the optimization of the web site, to consider how to make the site more in line with the browsing habits, so that our website will have more people to visit, if the readability of our website is very poor, even the statement is unreasonable, so the lost viewer is a matter of course, so we should be in the construction site before, it is necessary to consider the good website layout, but also from many aspects, to solve the problem of the readability of the website article.

first I’d like to say the background color and the contrast of the text:

text and background should be clearly contrasted so that the viewer can see the content of the text, the background and the color of the text are the same or similar, which will lead to visual discomfort. Even if the article is really good, and not necessarily someone will see, because there are so many websites, you can not see, then change a website to see is.

secondly, what I want to say is the fluency of the article:

we do not say first the value of how high, said the flow of statements, if an article even the minimum sentence are not, you tell others how to see ah! Said the article I see, in fact, after careful analysis, the article said some view is actually quite good the whole article, only the most difficult to organize into a sentence, not to do this, really do not see him in the end what. Not even a central word, let alone a central sentence. However, it is still a small number of people who see such words. After all, everyone in primary school is still qualified. Minimum fluency is the basic element of writing.

third is the paragraph, be clear,


segment, let a person look in this clear, reading is not arduous, concise text can be bold, such as " the first point xx" the first and second similar small title in bold, so the more organized. As long as people look around, see the bold font, but also know what the article probably about, and, in addition, the line spacing between words should also be controlled.

fourth should not be repeated redundancy, the article is too similar, too many

we all talk about website construction, content is king, some people think that the more content the better, constantly in the station hair article, regardless of quality, just quantity. In fact, the content is king, it is to comply with the theme of the web