"for partner sites, Google AdSense isn’t exclusive."." Recently, in Google’s "speed up trend, wisdom to win the future – 2009GoogleAdSense partners day" media communication meeting, Google Greater China advertising League Manager Wang Ying told reporters. She said that the current Google China partners site revenue has become one of Google’s fastest growing regions in the world. However, Google’s competitor, Baidu, has also adopted this model of online advertising. Wang Ying emphasizes, Google AdSense is not exclusive, partner site can choose other online advertising alliance, "here, we don’t want a paper agreement has become the shackles of both sides."."

by these make me independent, think of the domestic Adsense eyes of boss -bai degrees, although I didn’t do his alliance, but only from search, can make too many stations in sight and step. After all, the individual webmaster flow percent the eighty is to search, but also in breaking up the eighty percent and eighty percent of the traffic is Baidu, although this data is not entirely correct, but also from the side reflects Baidu’s position in the minds of the majority of owners, sometimes would rather let myself to make a point. Can’t go against Baidu. Although there is no clear provision, but in the majority of the webmaster’s subconscious, should not be exclusive. Remember the first one thousand web site, a website contains only one page, but also is an old domain name, every day for the original, a year is still a page, but also snapshot ranking can also, thought is the server to change things, but IP is still, and then asked a SEO training the teacher looked said you put GG ads to try… Although…., to has not been improved, but since the SEO teacher training in the mouth of it, then we have to consider.

remember when Ma Ali mother just launched, maybe we still remember the day on mother ads will suffer from the so-called unspoken rule, be rather baffling website right down, that I want to rely on Mother’s meager income increased the stationmaster had repeatedly considered. Then slowly died of such things, we now find on the Ali Mama advertising website all fairly normal, but in the webmaster heart caused some shadow, here is a screenshot can see, recently there are a lot of people ask, put the Ali Mama advertising will fall right?


mom is gone, but with the closure of Baidu Ma Yun feat, Ma Yun products will let the webmaster don’t want to ask, will do right down, more owners rely on Baidu to eat, even now is the webmaster hot fried Taobao customers, how many the webmaster can comfortably to hang, to earn this money, this guest about Taobao, can look at this article. Some time ago wrote: "Taobao customer is not easy to say love you


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