on WeChat marketing, we are very concerned about, and today I operate a WeChat public platform operation process of an inspiration to share with you.

over a long period of time, I just opened a public account, but not to do operation action, a two to three month free forwarding information, account fans there has been no big promotion, last week began to gradually strengthen the operation of the action, fans from 10 a day within soared to every day 200, here is some summary:

* 1, the public name is the foundation. **


name takes into account the search rankings. Although WeChat has not yet had any instructions on the public rankings, we can do the following. The first public number title to consider user search may, my public number name "classic positive energy success quotations, when the name of the original name would consider user search, such as searching success quotes, classic success quotations, positive energy, positive energy, positive energy and so on successful language book

this will bring a natural fan to our public number, which has been growing for six or seven fans a day for a long time.

* 2, public certification is gold-plated, **

!The current advantage of

certification is to boost search rankings. "Classic positive energy success quotes" has never been certified, because my Tencent, micro-blog is my personal name: Wang Hongliang. It is impossible for us to get a classic, successful, successful micro-blog. Later, micro-blog has been applying to modify certification name, but not by (not through besides the rules, may also be related to audit), a sudden, I continue to apply for the micro-blog name from "Wang Hongliang" to "Wang Hongliang classic quotations success positive energy", even after a few days, Vicki private letter to me to say. Do you know what that feeling is? It’s too TMD’s excitement. Then hurry to the public account backstage application certification, 1 minutes to get. Then go to the public search: successful quotes, even the first page of the first. Success, positive energy, is the first page, the first one, even the positive energy to the second page position. As a result, the daily growth of fans, which only rely on the title of certification, is expected to double from six or seven.

3, premium content is the growth force of the fans,


to do good quality content, I mainly from 2 aspects. One is to catch hot spots, and the other is to do data analysis. The hot spot is what is in fashion now, what the user needs, and then looking for the content that is planned. Data analysis is to study the content, number of readers, number of readings, number of forwarding, etc. after each communication. Here is a more classic content.

through the picture above, we see, this is called: "100 million people were moved by this video creative, wonderful!" content, released from November 1st to 1>