yesterday in a do stand experience of this man, I came to the editor, because of work and site affairs is really busy, for the customer service, resulting in some mistakes, not, please understanding.

personally think: literal mistakes, this does not matter, the key is to dare to stand up and speak their own feelings, this is enough.

meet Baidu K station, is not a different, many small and medium-sized webmaster by this robbery, really depressed, don’t know what to do, especially new station webmaster, is at a loss.

has already stated a fundamental approach, that is, persist, persist, and then persist. Although it is a principle, the general is not profound, but it is also the best way.

in fact, it is good to be a station, every man, every law, and practical and effective. This is the basic standard and the highest state.

morning time is limited, I do not wordy, not simply the sum of the method is as follows:

is to optimize resources, make features, play their best strengths.

two is no comparison, no slack, no hurry, I believe that efforts will always succeed.

three is updated in a timely manner, intentionally, not arbitrary collection, even if it is original, but also targeted, targeted, must understand that the sky will not drop pie.

four is SEO optimization, carefully planning keywords, keeping pace with the times, advancing with the times.

five is to write some of the personal feelings of standing, dare to send out to share with you, do not be afraid of other people’s jokes, if you do not have time, you can inspire your customers to do first.

six is the webmaster should have the heart, modest learning, can not think of everything is their best.

and so on, all in all, this is not the only one, the morning rush, hang pen, have time to continue to share with you not mature experience.

in short, all roads lead to Rome, and the choice of new search is also a way, in fact, the most practical thing is that we do stand the bottom line and the direction of efforts.

wish small and medium-sized webmaster out of the difficult position, win the final success. Anhui art welcome you, and sincerely willing to cooperate with your station win-win situation.