before the crackdown storm, there are a lot of people have to do the female station, everybody said that women and children earn money is the best, a lot of research report also said with more women on the Internet, the website will usher in the peak of the development of women. Women’s websites are springing up like mushrooms, and what types are available, but how do you do a good job of female websites? This is also what many novice webmasters are eager to know. Talk about this problem today.

is the location problem first. The women’s website involved the content is very wide, do women do or do portal station single women station? This is a lot of people doing women stand first to the issue of choice, and often covet many friends will choose large and complete content, that covers a wide range of contents, visitors will more determined to create a Sina or women like Pacific women’s website, if you are a team you may wish to consider doing so. But if you were a person, and all the female station, all involving women do, this work is to update the content you are too busy to come, you still have time to popularize? Do you have time to know what visitors need? Acquisition software update. In addition to good data, but also increase what


so, now do women stand, positioning to accurate and clear, first of all, the site should be positioned as a single content website. Have seen someone say: when you do not have No1, you give up all other projects, do a No1, enough monopoly No1, and then you go to expand. Don’t distract yourself when your dominant project has not completely taken over the market. So, boldly choose a single content to do, and brave to give up some content, this does not affect your web site to do better and bigger. Seen a lot of women out of Manicure as one of a small program to add content, but the 52 Manicure network ( is the only Manicure, the Manicure done finer and more refined, providing visitors need most Manicure pictures, Manicure tutorials and recruitment information, only a small Manicure, do fine, you can have a world. Today, 52 nail net has become the first web site for nail artists to know about nails, and many websites also reprint their articles. So don’t underestimate the single content. As long as you make this bigger, you can expand it into a circle.

determine the location, choose to do the content, also need to subdivide the selected content, after all, different website blog, need to be subdivided into several columns, then you can search for what you want to do, see related search terms, analyzes this visitor most in need of the content, providing the content for them. Website is like this, find the needs of some groups, and then try to satisfy them, the site will be successful. If you don’t know what to do, look at the famous women’s Web sites such as Sina women or Pacific women’s web and make a list of one of them or a small project