Before you cut into the subject, please come to see an ancient

exam joke.

there was a scholar, usually do not work hard to write, when thinking before the exam, a miserable, his wife laugh at him and said: "you did not pain us pain!" he shook his head and said: "madam, as a matter of fact, I wrote it than you the children also pain." His wife puzzled and asked, "how do you say this?" the scholar said, "a woman has children, she has the goods in her belly. I write the article without the stomach."

although it is a joke, but at least it illustrates a truth, no inspiration, not the original data collection and accumulation, only to write the article and write articles, it is not write the article, let alone write a good article.

write, too, just to increase the link to your site, and to write soft Wen, I am afraid it is difficult to write a good soft text, but can not because there is no inspiration, cannot write soft text, web site or go to promotion?

in the last few days of the website promotion process, I have my own solution to this problem.

for example, I want to do promotion for my station today to write an article about this station with soft Wen to release, but I’m not in a hurry, not straight to the theme, sat down to write a soft Wen, I come to a circuitous tactics.

I stop not have to collect articles to increase "? All the original, that is too little, I do first collection, I opened Baidu, in which input" pseudo original "(I don’t lose Chinese webmaster, even the classification engine optimization is not lost, the range is too big, I will enter recently, the more we talk of" pseudo original "), and then to search out the content of slowly browsing, to see the" pseudo original method SEO and need to pay attention to "and" how to do "two effective pseudo original articles, I understand the" pseudo original ", then" add your own collection process, feel the idea, I find a topic of "actual search optimization of pseudo original" write, if not the generation of ideas, I will continue to find the point of view, until their own ideas Now, after the two articles have been collected I into his station, note: be sure to pay attention to writing and production order, is the first to write later, because the inspiration of lightning transient, such as moment, you end again write, is to influence the quality of writing.

you don’t ask me, "so if didn’t produce inspiration, is going to find relevant articles?" such a stupid question, my answer is, you write or update the web page or you are entrusted to the construction site of the responsibility, the mind of website promotion out of this, in promoting this responsibility, under the guidance of this goal, since the choice of the "pseudo original" such a content as today about the object, and the scope of collection, choose to read or browse.