beginner SEO when he walked a lot of detours, originally thought he was right, and later found out the wrong way. First, I have no choice in the website before a good program to make a station, using the total station dynamic program, it’s not good for the optimization of the late SEO, but at first I don’t know, feel dynamic both fun and beautiful, but do not know the optimization of SEO is no good.

after the station building, on their own hard day hair article, do the chain, want to stand up to do as soon as possible, to see the results at first, also really a little effect, Baidu update daily snapshot included, is very new, but with more and more of the chain, the site has not every update, also not included, also be K out dozens of articles, this may be the search engine punishment, can be included in the query tool for Wikipedia: to check, so no matter what must be appropriate, do not overdo sth., we must pay attention to the quality of the chain.

in the beginning heard that content is king, so a lot of updates the contents of the site every day, but most of them are copied from other sites, but later found that the content of no user, there is no value of reading, and published a number of anchor text reading value containing no SEO soft in others every day the website, intended to increase the chain but not to do so, a serious violation of the principle of search engine, user experience.

I am a person very be scanty of words lacking in communication with others, first at the station do what all don’t understand, also do not want to ask the people, their day in the SEO tutorial, in accordance with the above said, but the result is not ideal. Later in the network have a talk to the webmaster friends, they find that they really lack too much, what are not, they learned a lot in communication with him, slowly grew up in it, under the guidance of himself slowly added to the webmaster circle often, each big forum and the webmaster friends, I often go to the webmaster encyclopedia, A5, outdated forum. Communicate with more webmaster, this is much more useful than yourself.


above is what I did at the beginning of the station detours, now take out and beginner SEO webmaster friends share, hope can let SEO novice less bent, can exchange progress together.

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