with more and more network miracle, the type of website is more and more, but ask what station is most, I think network novel station should have to mention,


network novel station, divided into two kinds of original station and transfer station. The original starting point, with many stations, waves as the representative of the transfer station almost innumerable.

reprint station is pirated station, this should have been justified by the blow. But no matter which industry, the fight against piracy is not so easy, sometimes it is empty talk, because the relationship between genuine and piracy is complementary and indispensable. In fact, this is easy to understand, if there is no piracy station, the genuine is also difficult to support a single plank; and with a pirate station, publicity on legitimate publicity is also good. As long as they are not birds of the past, they infringe upon genuine interests excessively, and the two parties can still keep it.

‘s original station, large capital investment, starting point, the waves are very successful to attract financing. This is the basic point of the original station. Do the original station, second condition is no flow station, don’t do. There are no traffic funds to attract good Internet writer is no good, for example, although 17K has attracted a lot of master, but always to suppress the starting point.

again, pirate stations are also very learned. After all, most of the novel owners belong to the ranks.

1, select the domain name you want to remember. Because it’s important for the back of the novel, a zero developing novel station, the quality of the rice decides whether to retain more traffic.

two, select a good program. There are no more than four programs (I only say common ones), Jackie, Vinci, the finish line, and DEDE. The end point has been eliminated; no recommendation; DEDE is new and imperfect,

suggests not. Choose between Vinci and Jackie general novels stand. Vinci stood for the NET program, open the speed slightly slower, but the function of the whole; and Jackie station is the PHP program, is characterized by simple crack, open speed, but slightly weaker, but heard that version has replaced these functions, so Jackie is a good program. The common feature of these two procedures is maturity.

three, a steady state of mind to face the ravages of Baidu. GG no special circumstances will not K station, his collection is relatively stable, but Baidu is not the same, Baidu is characterized by: dog’s face is hairless. Therefore, it is important to stand up for a novel.

four, select a good collector. Although these procedures have acquisition procedures, but they are not perfect. What I recommend is a toll collector. Pass off the collector in the novel station, the most widely used, there are many versions, this after you use, you will understand.

five, do novel station, speed is supreme. Update speed is very important, there are several representatives, such as novel 520, hall of gentleman, etc., because they are first-class. They all like to call a name: starting station. Ha-ha。 In fact, the first release of the station can be called the original station, but they don’t care, they are >